I used to be a Moonie. I learned about Sailor Moon from a friend of mine and proceeded to watch it every weekday on Cartoon Network. I was in heaven. I immediately looked up dozens of web sites on it and Mooned myself to exhaustion. That didn't last too long. I began to realize that they were a little too ditzy, and their skirts are a little too short, and that I wanted something more. And I got it.

I usually turn off Cartoon Network after Reboot and do other stuff, but one day I was bored and clicked it back on. I came just in time to see Piccolo throw Gohan off a cliff. I watched Gohan yell his brains out, scrabbling halfway up the steep rock before plunging back down again. It was deeply moving. I remember thinking too myself, 'That is so friggin cool! Boy, that green guy is so COOL!!!'

It was so cool, I couldn't think of any word except cool to describe it. It was a religious experience for me. Piccolo is still my favorite character (even though Goku is sorta cute.;] ) From then on I would gaze in slack jaw appreciation when DragonBall Z came on. I would cheer when Piccolo was on-screen and cuss out Vegeta and everything else a normal dbz enthusiast would do.

But then you came. I read every word you wrote, and I began to see the flaws in my beloved Dragon Ball. I tried to push them away, but they came back to haunt me. Instead of thinking 'This is cool. This is COOL beyond belief!', I thought, 'Shouldn't there be blood? Damn, this music sucks.'

Don't you see what you have done to me? You have burst my bubble, destroyed my Utopia. You have killed a part of me that will never live again. My life is, if not quite destroyed, tainted. So damn you, Chris! Damn you to HFIL!!

O.K., I don't hate you. You have opened my eyes. You have won a convert among the heathen. I am now ready to fight for my DBZ and I am ready to fight to keep Scott McNeil where he belongs. So I should thank you for what you have done. You have done me a great favor. But did you have to do it so painfully?

- Sarah McKellar