I think I know why FUNimation doesn't just leave the original background music as it is. They have a thing against silence. They have a thing against tension, the idea of building up a scene. This is not only evident in changing the music but by having the characters almost ALWAYS talking and by speeding up the episodes by deleting little snippets of film that are usually long shots leading up to battle. It's because they take the U.S. audiences for idiots. They think we are big, dumb baffons who have a attention span of zlich. They think if they allow one second of "unnesesary" film (in their eyes) that we will quickly become disinterested and change the channel.

They are changing the essence of DBZ. They've changed DBZ into a mindless action packed show. It shows in everything to the change in music to everything. The original music was special in the way how the battle themes weren't really meant to get the heart pumping into a rabies inflicted mad terror like how the U.S. music does, but it's supposed to show the calm before the storm. The original music also has long moments of silence. Lots of times there is nothing but the wind blowing as sound as the two fighters look at each other. It's supposed to show the build up to the actual fight. It's silent for a couple seconds than BAM, they go at it in a lighting quick fight. Even then the music doesn't really turn out into a trash a thon with chords ripping out of their orifices. Instead what the music does is create a backdrop to the VISUAL flair. That is the genuis of the original music. It doesn't get your heart pumping because you know by just looking at it is enough. Instead it kinda creates a backdrop that doesn't reflect on the obvious which is action. It reflects how the characters feel. In Movie 8 (with Brolly) the music conveys the feeling of hopelessness because that's how everyone is pretty much feeling right then. In a special scene in the Freeza Saga when SSJ Goku is talking to Freeza and how Freeza could destroy whole worlds but can't destroy one man, the music there sent a feeling of courage and rightesness that sent shivers down my spine. In Movie 3 right at the end when everyone thinks all is lost but Goku comes back to face Turles one last time you feel a sense of hope in the music, just a tiny voice of hope that can go a long way. I get none of this from the U.S. music. All I get are feelings of foreboding and dread. They choose this kind of music because it is a easy emotion to tap on. But you know what the sad thing is? With today's big time blockbuster movies, Gap Ads, MTV and pretty much everything that is pop culture in America, maybe the average citizen's attention span has been degraded to a point where if they included the original background music in DBZ, people would quickly change the channel. I hope that day hasn't come for when it does, it would be a sad day for the world.

- Seong Whang