Is That Really The Theme Song for Dragonball Z?

I was up at 7:30 one morning and I saw Dragonball Z. I heard the theme song (well,at first I didn't mind it but when I saw the Japanese version I thought it sucked). FUNimation's song was well,gay! Dragon,Dragon,Rock the Dragon! The original song is great! It is just cool-the sound and the lyrics and everything.

What the HFIL is that Awful Sound in the Background?

It is just dumb! The happy, gay sounding music-especially in the middle of battle! The real music is cool! It really fits the show (unlike funimation's-it sounds like The Superfriend's music-that doesn't belong! Whenever I hear it, I feel like turning it off!

The Dialogue

It is mistranslated or changed-oh Bejeeta stepped on grandpa-very wrong F*CKimation! Or like when they said that Son Goku's pod was the one that he used to travel to Namek. God, get it right!

The Dreaded Another Dimension

Now this is pathetic. Oh my god-don't hurt me! I don't want to go to another dimension! How queer! Even when the people die from natural causes-the say that line. But why would they say "kill" or "die" in the start?


I think this has only happened once but it is so stupid! What fools do FUNimation take us for? We can clearly see there is no parachutes! They DIED! is that really so bad?

You Just Wait Till it Grows Back!

This will get kids to chop off their own parts and be crippled for life! That should be enough guilt for FUNimation to realize they should have just let TenShinHan scream!

The Voices

Son Goku: The first guy was good but then the other guy made me almost give up on Censor Ball Z!
Son Gohan: Needs to sound more pitiful, innocent
Kuririn: VERY annoying (especially that line where he shouted "THE POWER"!
Bejeeta: Sounds like Beavis.
TenShinHan: Too much of a tough guy act.
Yamcha: Kind of sounds like the real Yamcha!
Choazu: Just stupid-sounds too squeaky.
Kaio: Sounds like a FATASS moron!
Raditz: Too much of a character act.
Nappa: Plain dumb.
Piccolo: GREAT! I LOVE IT! Scott puts effort into it.
Kami: Sounds like an older man-would be okay for Kame Sennin.
PO PO: Strange.
Kame Sennin: GOD!! GET AN OLD MAN FOR IT!!!
Enma: Not really much to say about him-crappy, just like the rest!
Kiwi: What the HFIL?
Dodoria: CRAPPY
Zarbon: KICK ASS!!!
Dende: Not bad at all.
Eldest Namek and Nail: They both suck!!
Freezer(SHIVER): What the HFIL? GET A MAN!!



Overall I hate FUNimation's version of it (I CALL IT CENSOR BALL Z)!!!

- Tom Brant