I'm a purist, and watching the Funimation version on the cartoon network drives me insane. I began watching DBZ as they began the entire series over. What bugged me was there was no blood compared to the violence of the characters Ki-moves. An example, where were Radditz guts from the Masenko blast Piccolo delivered? Also, in the earlier episodes they could say kill, but all of a sudden they started "the next, i can't say it, word" came up. I began to search the internet to satisfy my curiosity and found movies that were dubbed but not edited and I have been converted.

The Japanese versions have better drama, better music, and of course Blood. I saw Nappa open a can of whoop-butt on the Earth special forces. I found episodes further into the story too. I can't wait until Goku fights Freeza. When he turns to a SSJ, the intensity of the moment drew me in that I can't stop watching this episode. The background music as he begins beating the heck out of Freeza, lingers in my head every day. This will be a purchase when Funimation releases this episode.

As I check more sites I'm teased because I hear the Cell saga is better than the Freeza saga and who knows when we will ever see those episodes. But I'm waiting for this go around on the new episodes after the Ginyu Force, knowing full well that I am being forced to watch this crap they are force feeding us. I can't believe some of the censoring going on, on the Simpsons I hear them mention death, show nudity, and the Itchy and Scratchy show segments are as violent as anything on DBZ. So I'm forced to begin my quest for fansubs and anything that will quench my desire to the Japanese un editted versions. Phooey on the American versions I spit on their graves.

- Terry Reid