OK, I've been watching TV since before I was able to reason. Ever since I can remember, there's been killing, beating, gory blood and everything else. I have been seeing it since dirt, but I haven't turned into a crazy psycopathic killer. Know why? I HAD PARENTS, PEOPLE. Some parents wine, complain, and bitch about all the violence on TV, and how it will encourage children to grow up to be gang members hanging on streets. Actually, the TV can teach that, IF YOU NEVER EXPLAIN THAT IT'S WRONG!! If these certain people would stop eating bon-bons and watching Oprah and tell their kids "Honey, you know you can't go out and kill. It just isn't right to beat up people for no good reason." instead of going to support groups to ban this sorta thing while their kids stay home watching gang shows and movies, it wouldn't turn out like this.

And plus, there are MUCH worse shows then DBZ. Ever watch NYPD Blue? How about just about anything on FOX? I see plenty of blood and death with no digtal painting and this "other dimenson" BS. Also, ever wonder why our kids grow up to be scared of everything? Because all of their shows are "covered up from the shocking truth of reality". So they go out in the world and see people die and what not and are like "MOMMY!!". It's also a discrimination against Akria Toriyama. He works hard to make the best damn anime series out there, and FUNimation chops here and cuts there and paints this over and re-musictizes.... excuse me, but isn't there a law or something about that? I'm no government expert or anything, but I remember something that "prohibits censorship", right? And even if it does need to be censored for American TV, does it have to be to that extent? Church is more violent then that chopped up junk they show here!!!!! "Another dimension"????!!!!! C'mon!!! My 3 year old brother was like "Oh, I see, they died!" when he first saw that!!!

I don't know about you people, but I think we have to show FUNimation we ARE NOT a nation of wusses afraid to see death and blood. It's getting to the point were it seems like Batman is more violent then DBZ!!! Which brings me to another point, other children's shows seem to have NO problem with blood and death, like Powerpuff Girls, Batman, the Super Friends, hell, even SAILOR MOON looks more violent then DBZ! That's pretty damn pitiful when DBZ is all about fighting!!!! Jeez, I even think Teletubbies is more violent!! They show punches making CONTACT. Besides that, what's with chopping out ENTIRE scenes! We Americans like to know what the HFIL is going on too!!!! And please, keep the Japanese music and get REAL vocies! Ya know , kid=kid, old man=old man, strong dude=strong dude. FUNimation seems to think kid=old man, old man=kid, and strong dude=high voice! COME ON!!! Piccolo's the only one with a worthy one!!

Well now that I got all that off my chest, have a nice day and drive sanely.

- Todd Carbonara, age 15

P.S.- I think the U.S. could use a lot more info on Bardock, who they DON'T EVEN MENTION in the U.S.