I will start with DBZ in general. When I first started watching Dragon Ball Z (the dub like most), I didn't pay attention to the corny lines, sometimes good and sometimes bad voices, or the crappy music. I watched DBZ because I liked it. Now however that I have came upon this site and seen fansubs of the original, I was give a lot to think about one of my favorite animes, which I will express to you now.

Next, I will share my opinions of the good and the bad of the DBZ dub, the first 53 episodes.

1. The cuts and edits. I agree with most people, it is quite a bit extreme. I could throw more into the fray, but that has been done countless times. I really want to say some things, but I have plenty else that I want to mention. I will mention one thing though, I hope they decide to go back and redo the first episodes. It is a long shot wish, but it would be nice. Oh, one more thing. I hope they change that awful Rock the Dragon to either a translated Cha-La Head-Cha-La or at least a proper opening. Moving on.

2. The voices and character acting. I would like to note that some people are criticizing the voices in the wrong way (not all people mind you, just some). They are comparing how the original sounded and fit, but are forgetting that this is english, voices have to sound different. Sure we could have em all sound exactly like the original, but that would only suit some characters. Others either have to sound different or it is more suitable for them to sound different in English. Remember, I am not only comparing voices, but the changes they made to characters roles/acting/attutides/ect. Moving on.

Goku: I think that Goku's voice in the dub is fine (the first of the two was a lot better though), but one thing that no one pays attention to is the way they did his character in the dub. In the original version, Goku was a clueless ditz who didn't understand anything, but that is why we all love him :) Seriously though, the voice they had there was fine for that part. In our version, they give him this serious voice and make him seem at least remotely intelligent, maybe even quite a bit more then the Japanese version. Ok, that was a little bit of a change, and yes it is a nice voice, but is it just me or does it seem like his English voice doesn't exactly fit in the scenes where is is complaining about being hungry or saying/doing some stupid like bowing to Bubbles and thinking that it is King Kai? Any ways, overall the voice is ok.

Vegeta: His voice is ok too. The Japanese voice sounded/acted more confident and dignified, like someone who always wants to be on top and will do what ever it takes for him to get that way. Which fit the prince of the Saiya-jin quite nicely. The English voice sounds more like someone who has this huge ego that seems to be obsessed with true power and is a little trigger happy. Which also fits. In that respect, I think the original sounded better over all, but they didn't make too bad a choice with the dubbed version.

Narrator: An ok narrator, but maybe not for this show.

Gohan: What can I say, the dubbed voice sucks. It was slightly more suitable in the original Dragon Ball for Goku as a kid, since that was a whole different character (and still wasn't quite right for him). However, need someone who sounds like a kid and can play Gohan right!

Piccolo: Perfect, I need not say more.

Yamcha: I like his voice and think it fits.

Ten: Hmmm, the voice is fine, but after reading this site and watching the dubbed episodes again, it is very noticeable how much he is over acting. It is easy to spot if you know what to look for. He has a really nice voice, but the acting could use improving.

Chaotzu: Fits like a glove.

Krillin: On a scale of 1-10 (10 being good), I would rate the original 9-10 and the dub some where around 8. I like the original more cause, well, he sounded and acted more like Krillin was meant to ;). At least this is an average voice and not a crappy one.

Kaio Sama (is that spelled right?): Yuck! I think they missed something in the translation. He is supposed to act like a bumbling goof because he is old, which is why they need an older sounding voice, not some third rate comedian voice.

Kame: His voice fits pretty well.

Roshi: One guy that can definitely stand to be recast.

Bulma: Maybe it would fit in the dub if they didn't make her such a bitch.

Chichi: Fits nicely. Gets that bossy attitude right and doesn't overdue it like in Bulma's case.

Mr Popo: The original was more suited, but this one is fine.

Freeza: yuck yuck yuck yuck, throw it out the window. You have disgraced Dragon Ball, I hate you Funimation!!! Seriously though, the original Freeza voice was more like a cool gangster who will act like a total jerk and doesn't give a care, but do it in a cool way. The dubbed is the kind who would torture you by scratching a chalkboard, and then talk just to show you how bad his voice really sounds, then keep talking just to hurt your ears even more.

That white cat guy whose name I can't remember: Lame.

Yajirobe: Now his voice was cast properly.

Oxking, Nappa, Radittz, the Ginyu Force, and most of the others all had good voices for their parts.

3. Translations. I think the way the characters anounce attacks (as little as they do in the dub) was done totaly wrong. I like Kamehameha, not Kameyameya. They brought over most of the character's names intact and pronounced right, so why change it for an attack? It is totaly pointless, that is the only attack they brought over, but didn't remane intact. I only accept this because they probably couldn't find a suitable attack name. They could have translated it as Giant Turtle Wave Attack (or something like that), but that would have been worse. I like Kienzin much better then Destructo Disc, but at least they renamed his attack instead of purposely pronouncing it worng. Slicing Razor would have sounded better, as it would be more accurate, or at least a better description of that attack. Masenkempo (however that is spelled) is cool, Special Beam Cannon is not. Of course they couldn't have said Demon Energy Beam (or how ever it is supposed to translate), but oh man, anything else would have been better. Solar Flare was about the only one the dub did do right, and that to me is pathetic. Another thing, I can understand why they gave Gohan the Kamehameha (most people who watch aren't supposed to know it has to be taught), but I didn't really like that. They might as well had him scream when he attacks. Last but not least, I wanna hear people say their attacks, not annouce to everybody "AHHHH". I wanna hear Vegeta say Final Flash, not something like "time to finish you two off".

Dragon Ball (Z) (GT), what has yet to come.
I won't comment on the Freeza saga like most people, cause what is done is done and I think it is pointless to talk about till we actually have the episodes here to criticize :) Since I am on DBZ already, I will stay on it for a minute.

I am really only going to make a few comments on the Z portion. With Trunks (I really hate how they spoiled him by putting him in the opening), I have one wish, they include the Trunks Special somehow. My personal suggestion is that they do it as regular episodes (or a long episode like it was made) and show it before they continue with the series (this all being after the Freeza saga that is). It would work well because not only is it a good place to start with after the Freeza saga, but it makes it easier to bring it over as it would fit in chronological order. Of course I also like the way he appears in the series suddenly, just as a cool character that we know nothing about. It is cool having the characters wonder who he is while we wonder at the same time, and why he can go Super when there shouldn't be another who can :) Of course I feel that they might not dub the Trunks Special later cause they don't want to confuse people with where it fits in the plot (remember what happened with the Tree of Might?). With the Bardock Special, well, they just had to give Radditz that stupid line "our home planet blew up a few years ago". Man, they made it a little harder to bring Bardock over, but then again they also made that mistake with the Tree of Might, so who knows how they might handle it. Maybe they should make it and the Trunks Special a video only thing with an introduction explaining exactly what it is, something I just thought abought that would also work out very well.

As for plain Dragon Ball.
Yes, I know Funimation had to make the move to Z in order to help their ratings, but I feel that this show might have been more popular if they at least did up to the tournament (and back then, it would have been nice since their dubbing wasn't butchered). Since it seems that if they ever do get around to this series again, it will be more like going off from Z to regular (instead of the other way around). Maybe they should at least include a little announcement in the beginning of each show stating something like "These are the tales of Goku's adventures as a kid". They shouldn't have to do that, but it was ment to go DB then DBZ, not DBZ then DB or DBZ+DB simultaneously.

Dragon Ball GT comments.
I say if they do a better job with the rest of DBZ then they have done, then they should just continue in to GT after DBZ. I really hope it doesn't end up to where they would concentrate more on GT then DB though (as it probably will). If they ever do get to DB, they probably won't put as much in to it as they are in to Z or will in to GT, unless DB gets great fan response when/if they start it back up. Call me paranoid if ya want, but I really think it would suck and be pathetic if they do all of GT and only then start back up on DB.

Coming to a close. I do respect Funimation though as they took a chance with Dragon Ball (Z) and it worked out for them, and for us fans as well. While I may not agree with everyone else's opinions on certain subjucts, I do respect their rights to freely express their rights as a human, or Saiyan-jin for that matter :) I also thank DBZ Uncensored for it's output into the Dragon Ball community (and for posting my long rant). But most of all I than the creator of Dragon Ball for bringing us such a great story.

- Keith Tindall