"Naku na Gohan! Hajimete no Tatakai"
(Don't Cry Gohan! His First Fight)
"Gohan Makes a Friend" 96-10-18

Gohan is becoming more comfortable with his life of survival, and he finds himself playing doctor to a hurt dinosaur. Meanwhile, Yamucha is unhappy with his life as a "yakyuu senshi" (baseball player) and when Kuririn comes to ask for his help against the coming Saiya-jin, he is all too eager to accept the invitation.

FUNimation did a great job with this episode, not only did I like what they did with the baseball scene (see below) but they actually SHOWED SOME BLOOD!! Kick ass!

English episode 6 continued

During the baseball game, I absolutely LOVE the banter between the two announcers. It's actually very funny and well written! In the Japanese version, there are no announcers, and the scene is actually a lot less interesting.

Now this is wierd. The dinosaur actually has blood yes, BLOOD, pouring out of its wound in BOTH versions! Perhaps odder than that is the fact that the English version is not showing ALL of the blood, just some of it. There is a big pool of it on the ground that is censored. WHY?? What difference does it make HOW much blood there is? I thought that blood was blood, period, and it couldn't be shown? I will never understand these censors.

Also, in case you didn't see the original dubbed Dragon Ball series, I see a pattern emerging, and this scene helps support my theory. Violence against anything non-human seems to be OK by the censors. In an early FUNimation-dubbed Dragon Ball episode, (young) Chichi actually CUTS A DINOSAUR'S HEAD OFF, AND ITS BLOOD IS SQUIRTING EVERYWHERE! It also shows Goku cooking a dog, and back to Z, episode 11 not only shows Gohan cutting a dinosaurs tail off and eating it, but also Vegeta and Nappa going medieval on a bunch of cricket-looking aliens. It is only when HUMANS, or at least humanoids, are being killed or injured that we get painting, and other dimensions and all that kind of crap.

What are the values being expressed here? I'm no advocate of censorship (well, you probably have SOME idea of that by now!) but if the censorhip exists to defend the precept that the display of violence against humans is a bad thing, does the lack of such a rule with respect to the display of violence against animals suggest that that type of violence is not wrong? Who ARE the nutballs who make these rules??

(10 sec.) Apparently, cuteness is not allowed on American children's television. Gohan has a quick fantasy about riding on the back of his new dinosaur friend, and how happy he is to have found a companion. The animation in this sequence looks a lot like a child's drawing, it is SO kawaii and charming! Snipped for no reason.

End English episode 6