"Uchuu Ichi no Kyousenshi Saiya-jin Mezameru!"
(The Saiya-jin, Strongest Warriors in the Universe, Awaken)
"Trouble On Arlia" 96-10-25

Vegeta and Nappa stop at an alien world on the way to Earth to investigate the planet's "galactic market potential." They are soon greeted by its cricket-like inhabitants, and allow themselves to be captured in order to test the strength of the alien beings. The Arlians fail the test however, and the two ruthless Saiya-jin decide that the planet is worthless. Vegeta destroys it with an energy blast.

This is one of the cooler filler episodes. In actuality, it is a total waste of time, but the designs for the aliens are very creative, and the fighting is good.

Because I'm a moron, I accidentally recorded over this episode, so I can't do a full report on it. I do remember however, that the Arlia parts remained almost completely intact, which is actually rather strange, because Vegeta and Nappa just get brutal as hell on the aliens. Throughout the episode, they are melting crickets left and right, but nothing was cut, and there was no mention of "another dimension" until the very end, when Vegeta vaporizes the planet. Oh well. Like I said, it's the "it's OK to hurt non-humans" clause at work.

The part that was cut, however, was a long scene of Lunch robbing a bank, her first appearance in DBZ. This was obviously cut because none of the NA viewers are going to know who the hell Lunch is since most of the original Dragon Ball was skipped. The holes left by this scene were filled in with some Gohan training sequences from Japanese episodes 12 and 13. This worked out quite tidily since the next episode was almost completely done away with, and the small amount of footage that was left over had somewhere to go.

Anyway, seeing as how I've quit the site, the edits in this episode will just have to remain unreported.

Begin English episode 7

End English episode 7