"Hebi no Michi de Inemuri Goku ga Okkochiru"
(Nodding off on Snake Way -- Goku Takes a Dive)
"Home For Infinite Losers" 96-11-1

Tenshinhan and Chaozu make their Z-era debut in this episode, where we find them sharing a house with Lunch, who is getting in more trouble than ever. Meanwhile, Gohan's training with Piccolo continues, and Goku accidentally falls from Snake Way to Hell while taking a nap on a streetcleaner's truck.

Another episode that was almost entirely cut, mostly because the plot centers around Lunch, a character US audiences were never introduced to because most of Dragon Ball was skipped.

The cut is rather unfortunate however, since this episode makes such a good introduction to Tenshinhan and Chaozu for people who have never seen the original Dragon Ball (read, US viewers), and a good re-introduction for those who have. As the English version stands now, they simply appear out of nowhere, which is not the best way to introduce them.

The remainder of the episode is made up of Gohan training sequences, and Goku on Snake Way, all of which were sprinkled about English episodes 7 and 8.

Begin English Episode 8

(11 min. 23 sec.) OK, this is kind of confusing so bear with me while I flail about in an attempt to explain what happens here.

That 11 min. 23 sec. is NOT one long, continuous cut. There are some scenes in between that were moved to other episodes, and these scenes are NOT added to the time. So what I'll do is just summarize what happens and note where the "moves" happen in between, OK? Make sense? No? Whatever.

(1 min. 51 sec.) The episode starts with Gohan sleeping under the stars, having a nightmare about Raditz, and what happened to his dad. In his sleep, he calls for his father.

[Scene of Kame Sennin talking to his turtle about Goku's chances, moved to English episode 7]

(4 min. 11 sec.) Buruma and Kuririn are flying around looking for Tenshinhan and Chaozu, Buruma is wearing the scouter in order to detect him. Then, we see Tenshinhan and Chaozu training under a waterfall, and Lunch calls both of them back to the house... uh... with her machine gun. She has a big meal spread out for them, and Chaozu asks her where she got the money. When she tells the two of them that she robbed a bank, Tenshinhan refuses to eat the food, and leaves.

[Scene of Goku running up to the street cleaner, getting on the back of his truck, etc., moved to English episode 7]

[Scene of Piccolo training against the pyramids and starting the earthquake, moved to English episode 8]

(1 min. 43 sec.) Lunch reacting to the earthquake, Tenshinhan saves her from a flood that is caused by the mountain falling apart where the waterfall was resting. His outburst of energy sets the scouter off, and Buruma and Kuririn come to get him.

[Scene of Gohan almost being trapped by the earthquake, moved to English episode 8]

(3 min. 38 sec.) Lunch sneezes, and thus returns to her "nice girl" self. She says that she is going to the Kame House and bids Tenshinhan and Chaozu farewell. However, she finds a field of flowers and goes to lie in them. This of course, makes her sneeze, and she turns back to her evil self once again. She returns to Tenshinhan's house as Kuririn and Buruma are filling him in on the details of what is going on. Lunch mocks Tenshinhan for going on this fool's quest, but he pays no attention to her. He is ready and willing to defend the Earth.

[Directly following this scene, is the one of Goku falling off the street cleaner's truck to Hell. This is where English episode 8 begins, and where the Japanese episode ends.]

Whew! Did that make any sense??

English episode 8 continues...