"Juuryoku to no Tatakai! Bubbles-kun o Tsukamaero"
(A Fight Against Gravity! Catch Bubbles)
"A Fight Against Gravity... Catch Bubbles!" 97-1-10

After a quick test of his sense of humor, Kaiou agrees to train Goku- his first task being to catch Bubbles, Kaiou's pet monkey. Goku finds his mission a little more difficult than his initial assumption, but he manages to succeed in the end.

Once again, I can't discuss this episode, since I don't have the Japanese one.

One thing I CAN say at this point is that the translation of the title is amazing... namely because it is exact, even retaining the two-phrase style of Japanese titles. I wish all the title translations were this accurate.

Begin episode 13

End English episode 13