"Shuuten Hebi no Michi! Omee Kaiou-sama ka?"
(Last Stop on Snake Way! Are you Kaiou-sama?)
"The End of Snake Way" 97-1-13

The old, wrecked space pod that Goku came to Earth in is still functioning, and it is projecting an image of the full moon. Gohan sees it, and once again transforms to his monstrous alter-ego, almost killing Piccolo, who manages to put an end to the projection with the help of his Makkanpossapo. Meanwhile, Goku finally reaches the end of his journey, and comes face to face with Kaiou.

I have the exact opposite opinion of this filler than I do of the last one. Yuck, what a terrible episode! Not only does it have a completely unimaginative plot, but the likelihood of it happening is just... uh... not. Yeah, like Goku's pod would still be sitting out there, still have power, and STILL BE PROJECTING THIS IMAGE FOR OVER 20 YEARS NON-STOP! Toriyama must have been pissed when he saw this one. Why the hell did FUNimation keep it?

The only good part is at the very end, when Goku reaches Kaiou's planet. This scene, of course, was actually in the original manga, unlike the rest of the episode, which FUNimation really should have cut, in my humble opinion.

Begin English episode 12

(1 sec.) During the sparring scene, we can see Piccolo's two-fister connect with Gohan's head. Snipped of course, the hit is left to the imagination of the NA viewers.

When Piccolo's face gets cut, the wound appears in the English version, but the blood that's supposed to be there doesn't. Interesting then, that he wipes this non-blood off of his face a second later.

Ah, nothing like a frothy mug of WATER when you're celebrating a victory. Yep, Kame Sennin is once again stripped of his brew, and the yellow stuff in his mug is now painted blue. (Wow! That rhymed!) Anyway, I'm not sure what the other two are drinking, but it obviously doesn't look alcoholic to the censors, because it isn't changed.

(10 sec.) A few shots of Gohan's butt after he de-transforms. Man, that kid is naked often.

End English episode 12