"Ima da Goku! Subete o Kaketa Saigo no Oowaza"
(Now, Goku! Everything is Riding On This Final Technique)
"Goku vs. Vegeta: A Saiyan Duel!" 97-5-3

Goku powers up with a triple Kaiouken and attacks Vegeta, who, to his surprise, is soon overwhelmed. Furious, Vegeta decides to use one of his most powerful techniques, the Garlic-Ho, with which he plans to destroy not only Goku, but the planet Earth as well. Goku counters the blast with a Kamehameha, and is forced to bring the Kaiouken up to level four. Vegeta's beam is overwhelmed, and he is blasted away. He returns minutes later more furious than ever, launches an artificial moon into the sky, and begins to transform into a giant weremonkey!

OK, as you can see by the "total retained" percentage down there, this episode lost a bunch of footage (over six minutes,) so you're probably saying "Why aren't there any cuts reported?"

It's because they're all totally insignificant. For one thing, the episode begins with a few minutes of reused footage from the end of the LAST episode, which FUNimation was wise enough to cut (what's the point of leaving it in if you just saw it?), and the rest is just extended dialogue, long pointless shots of this and that, etc. Nothing interesting whatsoever.

By this point, FUNimation was obviously getting a little paranoid and cutting out anything that wasn't absolutely necessary in order to make sure that they could cram these last few episodes together so that they wouldn't go past 26. You're not missing much, trust me, they did a pretty good job. Except, of course, for one VERY IMPORTANT scene in Episode 35 that SHOULD NOT HAVE HAD ONE FRAME DELETED, but I'll get to that when the time comes...

English episode 23 continued

End English episode 23