"Sentouryoku Juubai! Vegeta Daihenshin"
(Battle Power Times Ten! Vegeta's Great Transformation)
"Vegeta: Saiyan Style!" 97-5-10

Gohan senses that his father is in trouble, and he and Kuririn turn back towards the battle site, despite Kuririn's protests that there is nothing they can do. Meanwhile, the transformed Vegeta is even more powerful and agile than in his normal state, and Goku is hopelessly outmatched. He uses Tenshinhan's Saiyoken attack to blind Vegeta, and collects energy for a Genkidama while his opponent is incapacitated. However, Vegeta regains control just as Goku launches the attack, and he counters with a beam that takes Goku down, and scatters the energy he gathered. After breaking Goku's legs, the giant ape picks Goku up and begins to crush him.

This episode has about three minutes worth of cuts, but they are all too uninteresting to note. A few long pans here and there, and a fairly pointless scene of Gohan and Kuririn discussing the pros and cons of returning to the battle.

Hmm. I guess I just DID note them, didn't I? Heh.

Begin English episode 24

Goku comes to the "realization" that Vegeta was the one who killed his grandfather, and destroyed the Tenkaichi battle arena.

Umm.... no, that's very, VERY wrong FUNimation. Goku comes to the realization that HE was the one who did this as a boy when he transformed. Did you perhaps hear him say "I'm sorry Grandpa..." or any of the rest of that stuff he was saying when he came to the realization, or were you not listening again? Or did you just decide to play a trick on the viewers for fun?

Man, how STUPID do you have to be to get this wrong? Look at the flashback, they are actual scenes from Dragon Ball of GOKU doing those things. VEGETA IS FROM ANOTHER PLANET, HOW COULD HE POSSIBLY BE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT HAPPENED? AND HOW COULD GOKU EVEN THINK SUCH A THING?? Hey, maybe the writers just forgot this little detail about Vegeta altogether? Who knows. It defies all reason and logic, but FUNimation manages to screw up again on something so PAINFULLY unscrew-uppable.

OK, this painting thing just doesn't make sense sometimes. Like I said, dried blood is usually uncensored, but sometimes it is covered, like in this episode. The odd thing is that there are several shots where you can clearly see bruises and dried blood on certain parts of Goku's body, and in the very next shot those same bruises and blood will be censored, even if there is no change in their appearance! What the HFIL is going on here? Maybe they figure that if they censor every other shot it won't be *as* offensive.

English episode 24 continues...