"Honto ni Honto? Are ga Kibou no Namek-sei"
(Can it Really be True? There Lies Namek, Planet of Hope)
"Friends or Foes?" 97-9-20

Buruma, Gohan, and Kuririn find themselves in the clutches of a group of young spacefarers who have been driven from their home planet by something called 'Freeza,' who they believe our heroes are allied with. Buruma saves their ship from a meteor shower, proving that they are indeed on the same side. They take their leave, and are soon excited to see a lovely sight filling the forward viewport: the planet Namek.

Nothing much to say about this episode, except for one particular thing that I find unbelievably frustrating. Read on...

Begin English episode 29

OK, now this REALLY pisses me off. If you have this episode of the English version on tape, do me a favor. Listen to the voices of Zesshin (the leader of the kids) and his (apparent) second-in-command, Boon. Listen closely. Recognize either of them? Yep, Zesshin is voiced by the same actor who does Tenshinhan, and Boon by the same actor who does Vegeta. There's a difference though. THEY ACTUALLY SOUND LIKE GOOD VOICES!! Rather than overacting and putting on some stupid, artificial "character" voice, they are speaking naturally, and sound like real human beings.

You know, it would be one thing if both of these guys just sucked 100%. But what burns me most about this is that both of these guys have GREAT voices, and if they were just allowed to use them as is, rather than trying to sound like a "character,"they would both be perfect for Tenshinhan and Vegeta! They sound great, and so much more realistic, when they are speaking naturally. What the hell is FUNimation thinking?? "Yeah, your voice sounds too... uh...how do we say this... good. Could you perhaps make it sound really stupid for us? You see, we're trying to ruin this show in whatever way possible." God, these people drive me insane.

(1 min. 15 sec.) Back at the hospital, Goku is forced to take a shot in the arm, which he REALLY doesn't want. The doctor manages to sneak it in, however, and Goku's scream carries well beyond the walls of the hospital.

(2 min. 20 sec.) After leaving the kids' spaceship, Gohan and the others get caught in a magnetic storm, which tosses them all around a bit. Buruma ends up landing right on Kuririn in a rather compromising position. He gets a good smack in the face for it, which is kind of unfair, since it wasn't his fault, but Buruma's kind of been that way for the last five episodes or so. (I can't figure this out, by the way. What is her major malfunction throughout these episodes, she seams REALLY pissed about something...) Buruma (finally) puts her clothes on as they approach Namek, and the episode ends.

English Episode 29 continues...