"Shinsetsu na Uchuu-jin Ikinari Atta yo Uushinchuu"
(Kind-hearted Aliens -- There's the 5-Star Ball Already)
"Friends or Foes?" and
"Hunt For a Dragon Ball"

The crew straps in for a rough landing on Namek, a landing that knocks all three of them out. They awaken in a room and are greeted by two aliens who they assume are Nameks, since they look just like Piccolo. The pair, Raichi and Zakuro, seem friendly enough, and our heroes already locate their first Dragon Ball. Meanwhile, Vegeta returns to planet Freeza No. 79 to heal from his wounds.

Man, do I NOT LIKE this episode and the next two. What a total and complete waste of time! The thing with the space orphans wasn't all that great, but this "illusionary Namek" thing just plain sucks! These episodes are the epitome of "filler."

English episode 29 continued

(20 sec.) When Raichi and Zakuro are making stuff float around, Zakuro telepathically opens a cigar box, "thinks" a nice big, fat one into his mouth, and starts puffing away. The third "smoking" edit in the series so far.

When Vegeta is in the rejuvenation tank, thinking to himself about what has happened, he refers to "Kakarotto" as "Goku," something the real Vegeta never, ever, ever, EVER does.

During Vegeta's flashback, there is supposed to be blood on not only his face, but Ohozaru Gohan's.

English episode 29 ends about 13 minutes in, Episode 30 continues...