"Ihyou wo Tsuita Kougeki!! Chourou no Nerai wa Scouter!"
(Surprise Attack!! The Elder's Target was the Scouters!)
"The Ruthless Frieza" and
"The Nameks Versus Frieza"

Freeza and his henchmen interrogate a group of Nameks, and demand to be told where the remaining Dragon Balls are. They prove to be very difficult to persuade, however, and Zarbon kills two of them to show that Freeza means business. Just then, a group of "fighter" Nameks show up, and defeat several of Freeza's lower-class warriors. The Elder realizes that the scouters Freeza's men are wearing are what give away where the Nameks, and hence the Dragon Balls, are, so he destroys those being worn by Freeza's men with precise blasts. Dodoria gets furious, and attacks the Elder.

This is an episode with a bit of fighting in it, but surprisingly, very little is censored or cut. No funny stars, no snipping of especially violent-looking hits or anything like that. There is one rather odd censor, and one that was a little more expected.

English episode 34 continued, it ends about 2 minutes in.

When Zarbon zaps the Namek warrior, he reels backward and falls to the ground, black smoke rising from his body the whole time. I don't know why smoke is such a big problem, but FUNimation went to the trouble of de-painting it, which must have been REALLY difficult since there's a lot of it, and it drifts around all over the place.

Here we have that "breathing suggests that dead bodies are really alive" trick used again. Not only the dead Nameks lying on the ground, but Freeza's dead henchmen as well. There's a big pile of bodies there breathing loudly. It's really kind of funny, actually.

English episode 35 continues...