"Goku Power Zenkai!! Ginga no Hate made Rokkakan"
(Goku's Power Full Throttle!! Six Days to the Ends of the Galaxy)
"Face-off on Namek" and
"The Ruthless Frieza"

Kuririn and Gohan sense an incredible force, which turns out to be Freeza and his henchmen, with the Dragon Balls in hand. They hide in a cave as the group flies by, but are overwhelmed by the incredible power they sense coming from Freeza. Meanwhile, Yajirobe comes to visit Goku in the hospital, and brings along Senzu, which patches Goku right up. He goes to visit Buruma's father, who has just finished restoring Raditz' space pod, and not one to waste time, Goku takes off for Namek immediately.

A tidy little piece of work by FUNimation. Not much to say about this episode, it fared pretty well, except for a real stupid translation screw up.

English episode 33 continued, it ends about 1 minute in.

in the Japanese version, when Kame Sennin is getting dressed, he is rocking out to a song by Hironobu Kageyama on the radio. In FUNimation's, there's some stupid guy talking about how the weather's going to be on Master Roshi's island. Hyuk, hyuk. Oh, that's REAL funny.

(8 sec.) Back in the hospital, Kame Sennin reaches over and nonchalantly grabs the nurses butt, then apologizes (with a big smile on his face) for his lack of self-restraint.

In the English version Goku says "The ship I came here in is still in perfect working order." Uhhh... no it's not... Piccolo blasted through it with a Makkanpossapo in episode 18, remember??

In the Japanese version, there isn't a continuity problem here since he is talking about the spaceship Raditz, "Ora no Ani" (my older BROTHER), came in.

OK, the FUNimation writers obviously don't know anything about DBZ, so the continuity errors in the scripting are going to happen every now and then. But COME ON!! THEY DON'T NEED TO! THE DIALOGUE IS RIGHT THERE!! IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE MISTRANSLATED!! If they would just trust the original writing, and script the show as is, they wouldn't have these problems. They actually had to make an effort to screw this up!

And by the way, I've been getting a lot of mail about this. Many of you seem to think that Raditz' pod was "completely obliterated" as well by Gohan when he bursts out of it. It wasn't really. Gohan tore through the side of it pretty good, sure, but there's still plenty of it left for Dr. Briefs to salvage.

In the English version, Buruma's dad is telling Goku that he can't leave because the Cappucino machine hasn't been installed in the spaceship yet. In the Japanese version, it's stereo speakers that haven't been installed. I actually like the Cappucino thing better, it was pretty funny. A mistranslation I enjoyed. Am I contradicting myself after just complaining about the very same thing above? I guess so, oh well. It doesn't bother me if the mistranslation works better than the original, but that is very rare.

Also, as Goku is taking off in the ship, notice the mug that Buruma's mom is carrying. What's in there? OH MY GOD! IT'S YELLOW! COULD IT BE.... BEER??? Now, why was beer ok in this episode, but not in the first one when Kame Sennin was drinking that frothy mug of water? Nutty, nutty censors.

Oh, and one MORE thing.... also notice the side of the ship as it is taking off, because the animators screwed up. It says "Cpsule Corporation." Hmm... what happened to the "a?"

English episode 34 continues...