"Bakushi Dodoria! Vegeta no Osorubeki Shougekiha"
(Dodoria Dies by Explosion! Vegeta's Fearsome Shockwave)
"Escape from Dodoria" and
"Secrets Revealed"

Dodoria, frustrated by the escape of his prey, launches an energy blast that destroys everything in the area. Satisfied that they are dead, Dodoria returns to his master, but is knocked out of the sky by Vegeta, who challenges him to a duel. Dodoria is no match for him however, and Vegeta finishes him off easily.

Wow, there sure are a lot of damned stupid lines in this one and the next. FUNimation's really got to fire that "punch up writer" that they think is so necessary. Yup, that's right. They actually have a guy that does nothing else but go over the script and "beef up the comedy." Why? Why is just translating the dialogue as-is such a bad thing?

English episode 36 continued

Gohan to Kuririn: "If it wasn't for you, we'd all be lying in the emergency ward right now!" Um, no. There is no "emergency ward" on Namek. You'd all be dead right now, which is, in fact, exactly what Gohan really says in the Japanese version.

Anybody else notice that Dende's got a GREAT English voice? Wow, they actually got a kid to play a kid! Why couldn't they do the same for Gohan? And while I'm at it, Zarbon's got a great set of pipes, too. Oh well, FUNimation continues the uncanny tradition of getting awesome voices for all the minor roles, and crappy ones for the main characters.

Kuririn to Dende: "We'll take you back to your dad and brother later." What, back to their dead bodies?? I guess this line was put here to make it absolutely CLEAR to the kiddies that they're not dead. Of course, all it suceeds in doing to those of us who know better is adding salt to the wound of the earlier cuts.

(1 min. 44 sec.) Buruma in the bathtub, talking to her father on a communicator about Goku coming to Namek. Don't worry guys, you're not missing much here. The bubbles are strategically placed if you know what I mean, but it DOES get pretty close at some points, heh heh.

I'm not sure if FUNimation cut this scene because it does indeed get "too close," or if it's just a time consideration. It is kind of important since this is when she learns that Goku is coming, and we don't see how this happens in the English version. Well, to be honest, I don't really care why it's there, I'm just glad that it is! ;)

End English episode 36 (about 7 minutes in)

Vegeta to Dodoria: "Taking you down will be easier than catching fish in a barrel!" Uh... I think that's supposed to be SHOOTING fish in a barrel. Get your expressions right FUNimation, you don't want to make Vegeta look dumb, he'll kick your ass!

Vegeta to Dodoria: "I will let you go... TO ANOTHER DIMENSION!" Pretty standard cop-out line, I guess.

English episode 37 continues...