"Kibou no Hoshi wo Mamore! Kuririn Kyoui no Power-Up"
(Defend the Planet of Hope! Kuririn's Miraculous Power-Up)
"The Eldest Namek" and
"Get Vegeta!"

The Great Elder decides that Kuririn's intentions are good, and he not only gives him a Dragon Ball, but releases a dormant energy residing within that will bring Kuririn's power level to new heights. Kuririn decides that Gohan can benefit as well, and returns to the cave to get him. Elsewhere, a frustrated Freeza orders Zarbon to bring back Vegeta alive so that he can be questioned.

This episode was one of those where a particular member of the English cast really starts to bug me. In this case, it was Terry Klassen (Kuririn), who just did too much damned talking, and had a bunch of really stupid bits of dialogue, and some awful line delivery as well. There are times when I actually find something about his voice very charming, but this was not one of them. Also, the Great Dead Namek Cover-up continues.

English episode 41 continued

It's about time! The Piccolo/Kami thing is FINALLY explained correctly in the English version, which, up to this point, has either edited or mistranslated scenes that discussed it.

A sampling of some of Kuririn's stupid lines in this episode:

"It's the only chance I have of making my wish and getting rid of that frosty Freeza!"
Frosty Freeza? What a dork.

"Special powers? If I had that I'd have a full head of hair"
Umm... no. Remember baka FUNimation, Kuririn is a BUDDHIST MONK, he is BALD BY CHOICE! And (much) later in the series, he DOES grow that full head of hair.

"It is I who now posess POW-ER!!"
It is you, Terry Klassen, who is an overacting ninny.

As Oren flies over the Namek village, there are about twenty dead Namek bodies lying about. They are all painted over in the English version.

When Oren zaps the Namek, smoke rises from his (dead) body, which has mysteriously vanished. I guess if the smoke is eliminated, it suggests that the Namek isn't dead. Don't ask me, this is FUNimation's insanity. Also, there are a few more dead bodies lying around in this shot.

End English episode 41 (about 12 and a half minutes in)

English episode 42 continues...