"Hotondo Torihada! Bisenshi Zarbon no Akuma no Henshin"
(Goosebumps Indeed! The Handsome Warrior Zarbon's Demonic Transformation)
"Zarbon Transformed" and
"The Eldest Namek"

Zarbon and Vegeta are locked in a fierce life or death battle, which, despite his best efforts, Vegeta loses. Zarbon piledrives him into a lake, and it seems that death is inevitable for the Saiya-jin prince. Meanwhile, Dende and Kuririn arrive at the Great Elder's house, and are led inside by Nail, the Elder's attendant.

This episode features the typical toned-down battle scene, complete with all three of the defining features: blood painted over, those magical stars that cover hits to the face, and of course, the little snippets when the action gets just a little too brutal.

English episode 40 continued

There is blood coming out of the left side of Zarbon's mouth throughout this entire episode, and there's also a little on his hands in a few instances. Keep that in mind when watching the English version of this episode every single frame of Zarbon's face had to be altered. Must have been a lot of work.

(6 sec.) In the Enlish episode, it cuts away just as Zarbon's headbutt is about to connect with Vegeta. Not only does it connect in the Japanese version, but he does it one, two, three, four, five more times! Vegeta is of course bleeding more profusely with each additional hit.

(3 sec.) After it cuts back to the Vegeta/Zarbon battle, Zarbon headbutts Vegeta two more times. This guy has no mercy whatsoever.

For the rest of this episode, and all of the next one, Vegeta has blood all over his face that is painted over. There's some coming out of his mouth, a little under his eye, and a big puddle of it, as well as a huge dent, right in the middle of his forehead.

During the battle, there were a total of three headshots covered by stars.

End English episode 40 (about 12 minutes in)

Notice the evasive language used in this episode and the next one when discussing the Great Elder's impending death. "His time is near," "He's leaving," "I won't be around much longer," etc. It's NATURAL CAUSES for god's sake! Can't they just make an exception and say "die" this one time??

English episode 41 continues...