"Dodekai Sentoryouku!! Kudakechiru Freeza no Inbou"
(An Enormous Battle Power!! Freeza's Plan is Smashed)
"Vegeta Revived" and
"A Heavy Burden"

Vegeta tosses Freeza's Dragon Balls to the wind and escapes from the ship, finding the balls later and hiding them behind a rock. He then sees Kuririn flying with the seventh ball, and immediately gives chase. Zarbon senses Vegeta, and makes the pursuit a three-way. All three arrive at the cave where Buruma is hiding within moments of each other, and Vegeta and Zarbon begin a a decisive, life-or-death battle.

The Great Dead Namek Cover-up comes to a head in this episode, other than that, nothing much of interest happening here.

English episode 43 continued

When Gohan looks down at the Namek village, the piles of dead bodies that are supposed to be there are gone in the English version.

(35 sec.) Gohan walks among the dead bodies, horrified by what has happened. A rather chilling little scene, with a particularly effective shot of two dead Nameks: an adult with his arms around a baby.

Gohan: "Vegeta's been here-I bet he was the one who hurt all the people and ruined the land like this..."

Oh, here we have that HURTing thing again, FUNimation's latest euphemism for death. I don't know, "hurt" seems like a mighty strong term to me, perhaps they should switch to "threatened" or "glanced at forcefully."

As the camera pans up into the Namek sky, Gohan says (in the English version): "I sure hope everyone got away all right..." In the Japanese version he actually says: "Please rest peacefully, people of Namek."

OK, so it's the death thing again, no surprise. But what is interesting is that when you look at the ground as the camera is panning up, you can see about twenty mounds of dirt with sticks pointing upwards. Graves of course, that Gohan just dug for the Nameks. Why didn't they cut this shot in the English version, or at least censor the graves? It doesn't make much sense for them to be there, not only since they weren't in the last shot, but because, well, they're graves, and everyone "got away all right," according to the English version.

English episode 43 ends (about 14 minutes in)

English episode 44 continues...