"Genki ga Modotta zo!! Hyakubai Choujuuryouku no Naka no Goku"
(Feeling Good Again!! Goku Under a Great 100G Force)
"A Heavy Burden" and
"Immortality Denied"

Goku's space pod is passing through a massive magnetic storm, which begins to wreak havoc on the gravity machine. The force rises to 100G's, a setting Goku was never meant to experience. He manages to turn off the machine, after sustaining some major injuries, and patches himself up with a Senzu bean. He then decides to train in 100G's from now on. On Namek, Vegeta finally overcomes Zarbon, and kills him with a massive blast. Kuririn, knowing that he is outmatched many times over, hands his Dragon Ball to an immensely satisfied Vegeta.

This is it, the final battle between Vegeta and Zarbon, with Vegeta opening up a big can of whoop ass. The battle is of course, sanitized for your protection, and what really happens is quite different than what appears in the English version. But I gotta admit, FUNimation got pretty creative at one point, read on.

English episode 44 continued

(6 sec.) Goku grabs onto the tether he is hanging from but the gravity pulls him down again, and his hand scrapes against the side of the tether, tearing the skin off and spattering blood everywhere. Ouch.

Dr. Briefs (Buruma's dad, whose name we don't actually hear until much later) has a cigarette hanging out the side of his mouth for just about all of the scene that he is in. FUNimation continues it's courageous anti-tobacco campaign, and paints the evil stick away. Whew, that's a relief.

English Episode 44 ends (about 14 minutes in)

Now this, my friends, is creative, and FUNimation deserves a few points for that, at least. Hopefully, I can explain this correctly.

Here's what happens in the Japanese version: Vegeta punches Zarbon in the stomach, and his fist actually breaks the armor AND the skin, going a good distance into Zarbon's belly. As this is happening we can see blood and armor bits flying.

In the English version, you see Vegeta's fist connect, break the armor, and then withdraw. No blood, no hand buried in Zarbon's stomach, nothing. Just a good, clean hit. So how did FUNimation create the illusion? They simply took the frames of Vegeta's fist going inward, and reversed them, but painted a hole in Zarbon's armor on the reversed frames. So you see the hand coming in, then coming right back out at the same speed, creating the illusion of a quick, hard jab. It actually looks completely seamless, even in slow motion, and I've got to hand it to FUNimation for being so talented with their trickery.

Of course, the look on Zarbon's face in the next shot says "fatal injury" all over it, rather than "ow, that punch kind of hurt."

(7 sec.) Vegeta standing there with his arm well up past the wrist in Zarbon's stomach, with blood all over it, as well as Vegeta's forearm.

(2 sec.) You never actually see Vegeta's final blast in the English version, you just see his face lighting up, and then Zarbon flying backwards into the lake. What you miss is Vegeta's attack, which is especially brutal since his hand is still inside Zarbon when he unleashes it. You see the blast shoot right through the upper half of Zarbon's body as if it was a paper bag, and only then does it cut to his utterly mutilated corpse flying off into the distance.

There are a few censored shots of Vegeta's hand, that should have Zarbon's blood all over it.

English episode 45 continues...