"Gekitotsu da!! Fukutsu no Toushi no Kaiouken to Kamehameha "
(Clash!! The Kaioken and Kamehameha of Persevering Spirit)
"Scramble For the Dragon Balls" 98-2-7

Buruma lies to her captors, and tells them that there are many more Dragon Balls in the sea, just waiting to be found. They don't trust her, and bring her along to lead the way. They find a giant mother crab, whose eggs Buruma tells them are Dragon Balls, and she takes the opportunity to escape. They surface soon after she does, but the crab pulls them both back into the sea. In the space pod, Goku attacks himself with a Kamehameha in order to build his body's endurance.

The Sucky Filler Episode, Part 2. This one is just a tiny bit better than the last one, I guess.

Nah, never mind. It sucks just as much.

Begin English episode 47

(2 sec.) Buruma flipping Emperor Pilaf the bird during the flashback scene. Also, I must say that the narration during the English version of the flashback is really clumsy sounding, and it would have been better if they had just left it wordless, like the Japanese version.

End English episode 47

99.9%, but who cares? They shouldn't have kept ANY of it.