"Buruma ga Abunai!! Suushinchuu wa Freeza no Te ni"
(Look Out, Buruma! The Four-Star-Ball in Freeza's Hands)
"Big Trouble For Buruma" 98-1-31

Freeza, unable to control his fury, shoots energy beams blindly across the surface of Namek, in the hope that one of them will hit Vegeta. The earthquakes caused by the blasts send the Dragon Ball Buruma is guarding into deep water, and she uses a Capsule submersible robot to go after it. After a few confrontations with Namek sea creatures, she finds the ball and returns with it to the surface, where she is discovered and captured by two of Freeza's men.

Yeesh. This, right here, is my number one LEAST favorite episode of Dragon Ball Z. It is the saddest, stupidest, most pathetic attempt at a filler I have ever seen. WHY, FUNIMATION, WHY DID YOU LEAVE THIS ONE IN?? Especially since this was the first new episode shown after over two months of reruns!

The only good thing I can say about it is that at least Buruma is given something to do for once, she sort of languishes in the background for the whole Freeza saga.

One other note: Starting at the beginning of Japanese episode 45 and (finally) stopping at the end of this one, FUNimation little by little, whittled away one episode worth of footage. You can see what I mean on the conversion page. Not too bad, actually to lose only one episode's worth out of 14. A lot better than last season, anyway. Although it does make things VERY confusing when you're trying to figure out which Japanese episodes correspond to which English ones, since the cutoff points are so uneven.

English episode 46 continued

End English episode 46