"Shinu na Gohan! Goku - Tsui ni Kessenjou ni Touchaku da"
(Don't Die, Gohan! Goku Finally Touches Down on the Battlefield)
"No Refuge From Recoome" and
"Enter Goku"

Freeza cannot get the Dragon Balls to work, and is becoming frustrated. He flies off to find a Namek, any Namek, that he can "persuade" to tell him what needs to be done in order to get them to function. Meanwhile, Gohan's battle with Rikuum could not be going any worse, as the titanic warrior easily evades and defends every attack. Finally, Gohan lunges at him in desperation, and Rikuum jumps, whips his leg around, and hits Gohan's neck, breaking it easily. Near death, Gohan lies on the ground twitching. Just then, the three Ginyu turn to see a spaceship coming through the atmosphere; Goku has finally arrived.

Another exceptionally bloody episode, this time Gohan gets in on the action, and starts leaking his own fluids everywhere. Boy, can you imagine walking up to this battlefield after everyone was gone? I'd be like, "Uhh... What the hell happened here? Did somebody slaughter a cow or what?"

English episode 51 continued

(5 sec.) Various snips here and there of Rikuum and Gohan's hits connecting with each other.

End English episode 51 (about 3 minutes in)

(3 sec.) The camera is focused on the ground in front of Gohan, we then see a big gob of blood spatter the ground, and hear a coughing-hacking kind of sound. Yep, Gohan's hurtin pretty bad at this point.

(2 sec.) As Gohan struggles to get up, his mouth opens, and he pukes up a little puddle of... yep, you guessed it. (Boy, this just gets more and more pleasant, doesn't it?) Interestingly, the English version cuts in directly after Gohan pukes, and you can see the puddle right in front of him, plain as day.

Dr. Briefs has a cigarette in his mouth throughout the scenes of he and his wife trying to calm Chichi down. You know, I don't think there's been a scene yet where he WASN'T smoking.

Rikuum's neck-breaking kick is blocked by a big FUNimation star at the moment of connection. Don't know why they bothered, it wasn't a shot to the face. Also, after Gohan hits the ground following the attack, he has blood all over his face, which makes him look even more dead than he does in the English version.

The moment Gohan gets his neck broken by Rikuum's kick is SO much more dramatic in the Japanese version, and once again, it's all because of the sound direction, or in this case, the lack thereof. What happens is that Gohan comes in to strike, and after he screams out in anger, everything goes absolutely silent. Rikuum jumps up and kicks Gohan, who falls backwards, hitting the ground, and you hear NOTHING during the whole exchange. No music, no sound effects, nothing, just utter and complete silence. The next sound you hear is Rikuum landing, then the sound of the wind blowing gradually returns. The scene is very eerie and effective, and you just sit there holding your breath with your mouth hanging open the whole time. In contrast of course, is the loud, overblown FUNimation version which is full of noises, music, voices and everything else. It doesn't work NEARLY as well, but as I've said before, FUNimation has absolutely NO sense of style or effective directing.

English episode 52 continues...