78 "Akumu no Chouhenshin!! Sentouryoku Hyakuman no Freeza "
(The Nightmarish Super-Transformation!! Freeza's Battle Power at One Million)
64 "Fighting Power: One Million??" 99-9-24

Freeza tells Vegeta about his father, King Vegeta, and about the destruction of the home planet of the Saiya-jin. Freeza's now completed transformation doubles his size and increases his power dramatically, and in a demonstration of sheer brutality, he impales Kuririn on his horn.

OK, this is where things get REALLY confusing, but hopefully I can explain it so that it makes sense. Bear with me. Japanese episodes 78, 79, and 80 were combined to make English 64 and 65, a la Seasons 1 and 2. FUNimation had to cut so much from 79 (I'll get to the reason for that later) that there wasn't nearly enough footage to make a full episode. So in addition to the ep. 79 cuts, they snipped a bunch from 78 and 80 (mostly 80), and were able to whittle the three down to two.

But for the uncut video release, 78-80 appeared as is, and corresponded exactly to English 64 and 65, with an UNNUMBERED video-only episode occuring between the two. In other words, the TV versions of 64 and 65 are basically the three uncut video episodes 64, (--), and 65 condensed.

Confused yet? So am I, and I haven't even brought up the "Title Issue." That's a whole can of worms in itself, but I'll get to it in the next episode.

One other thing. The English version of this episode is REALLY long! It's about a minute and a half longer than any other, and there's not even a "next time" segment. I guess they just decided to cut that this one time to save as much footage as possible. Remember, three episodes (78, 79, and 80) are being crammed into two.

It's nothing FUNimation did, but actually something Toei did. Notice that, in one shot, the symbol on King Vegeta's chest has suddenly disappeared!

Also, you get to play "Where's Nappa?" in this episode. Did you notice him?? He's there (with hair, even!), you just have to look carefully.

I was utterly and completely thrilled to hear Zarbon refer to Freeza as "Lord Freeza." That's something that Saban would have never let them get away with, for obvious reasons. This gives me hope that once they get to the Boo saga, FUNimation might actually be using the term "God." It's going to be pretty necessary to do so, since a lot of the plot in that saga has to do with the God hierarchy. But hey, "Lord" is fine for now. I just wish it wasn't too late for the dub to call Kaiou-sama "Lord Kaiou." Incidentally, Zarbon's replacement (probably Chris Sabat) is very good. Too bad he's only needed for one episode.

Say, how about Freeza's line "Wherever he is, you're about to join him"? It's certainly a step up from "You're about to join him...IN ANOTHER DIMENSION!" Not as good as "You're about to join him...IN HELL!" though. Oh well, they're getting closer...

Freeza: "Just look at all those lost sheep, waiting for the good news from their King!"

OK, they're STILL making the Christian references, dammit! This ones actually rather subtle compared to the David and Goliath travesty in the first season, or Kuririn reciting the Lord's Prayer in the second, but it's still pretty overt.

Wow, the SECOND animation goof in one episode! Toei must have really been rushing on this one. Notice that there is a long shot of Vegeta in which you can see him wearing his old BLUE jumpsuit, and the battle jacket with the shoulder pads, rather than the black jumpsuit he put on a few episodes earlier. Oops.

Yay! They finally got around to translating the "monkey" thing that Freeza and his men always use when referring to the Saiya-jin.

Thank Kami... Once Freeza transforms into his second form, his voice is actually halfway decent. He almost sounds male!

(20 sec.) Well, this is it. The beginning of the "impalement scene," the reason a huge chunk of episode 79 had to be cut. The cutting continues into the next episode. All you see in the English version is Freeza spearing Kuririn with his horn, with a little blood coming out the back. Then he just tosses him into the water. So that's it, right? Oh no, my friend there's a LOT that was lost in between. What you miss is the blood slowly oozing out of the wound onto Freeza's horn, and into his mouth. Yep, that's right, into his MOUTH! You also see Freeza licking at the blood with a big grin on his face. This scene continues into the next episode...

English episode 64 continues...