77 "Koko made ka!? Kyouaku Chouzetsu Power ga Gohan o Osou"
(Is This It!? A Brutal, Tremendous Power Attacks Gohan)
64/65 "Fighting Power: One Million??" and
"Gohan Attacks"

Freeza cruelly toys with the helpless Kuririn, eventually tiring of the game and tossing him into the water. Gohan, enraged, attacks Freeza with a stunning amount of power, but the onslaught does little more than surprise everyone. Freeza sets his sights on Gohan next, and begins his attack.

OK, time to get confused again. I don't know HOW to explain this so that it makes sense, but here goes.

Observe these episode titles as they were aired on Cartoon Network:

64 "Fighting Power: One Million??"
65 "Gohan Attacks"
66 "Deja Vu"

Got it? OK. Now, here's how they were listed on the video box:

64 "Fighting Power: One Million??"
-- "Gohan Attacks"
65 "Piccolo the Super Namek"
66 "Deja Vu"

See the problem? The unnumbered (--) episode was called "Gohan Attacks" for the video, AND TV episode 65! But episode 65 is listed on the video box as "Piccolo the Super Namek!" It seems that they used the wrong title card in the TV version of episode 65, which SHOULD have been called "Piccolo the Super Namek" instead of (--)'s title, "Gohan Attacks." The titles are straightened out as of 66, but I'm not sure what the HFIL is going on with the whole title mix-up thing. Oh well, that's FUNimation for you. In any case, for my own numbering, I consider the (--) episode to be entitled "Piccolo the Super Namek," since that was the title that ended up not being used in the TV episodes.

English episode 64 continued

(6:24) More impalement fun. The blood continues to flow down Freeza's horn as everyone watches in horror. Gohan tries to attack Freeza but gets batted away, and Yamucha furiously observes from Kaiou's planet.

Then it cuts away to another useless "Buruma is lost and tired" scene. Whatever. Let's just get back to the impalement.

Now THIS is where things get their bloodiest. Freeza starts bucking Kuririn up and down on his horn, and blood just starts a-spurting, all over the place. You see it splashing off Gohan and Vegeta's faces, and Kuririn's wound continues to widen, the blood now soiling his battle jacket completely. Kuririn can do nothing but lie there and take it, as he laments about the fact that he will die without ever being married. I hear that in FUNimation's uncut video, Freeza makes some stupid comment like "Ride 'em cowboy!" Oh well, whatever. Only those who bought the video will see it. Anyway, Freeza finally decides he's had enough, and this is where the TV version cuts back in. Kuririn is tossed into the lake, thus putting an end to one of the top five most violent scenes in DBZ history.

Even with the majority of the "impalement scene" cut, what's left still stands as one of the most graphic acts of violence ever shown in a cartoon on American television. If Cartoon Network had aired it as-is, there would have been parents complaining from one end of this nation to the other. I had been wondering since the first season how this scene would be handled once they got to it, and it managed to come through fairly well, I guess. Almost all of the brutality of it was lost, but at least it wasn't simply trashed entirely. Who knows? If Saban was still in control of the show, they may have forced FUNi to do just that.

As Kuririn is falling into the water, FUNimation censors a little cloud of blood that drifts out from his wound. Ya wanna hear the funniest part? FUNimation uses this scene in the "last episode" segment in 65, and THE CLIP IS NOT CENSORED! Uh...so it's OK in the recap, but not in the episode itself?? Well maybe it was just FUNi and Cartoon Network not paying enough attention.

English episode 64 ends about 7 minutes in, begin episode 65

Gohan yells "Masenko!"


I have no idea what kind of wild hair FUNimation got on their ass that made them do this, but I'm just grateful it happened. The weird thing is that in this particular case, Gohan doesn't even call out any attack name in particular in the Japanese version. But who cares? It's cool nonetheless that FUNimation has FINALLY gotten around to using the attack names.

There are three little cuts, one is 16 seconds, one is 14 seconds, and the third is 13 seconds. All of them are just little snippets of Gohan's attack on Freeza, most likely for time. However, one of these cuts is Freeza picking up Gohan by his hair. I can't be certain that CN made them cut this (it seems unlikely, given what FUNimation can often get away with) but Saban would have definitely forced them to trash this shot.

(1 min. 50 sec.) This is the beginning of a much longer scene, in which Freeza pins Gohan to the ground with his foot and tortures him for a while. The scene continues into the next episode.

English episode 65 continues...