82 "Shutsugeki da Goku!! Gekido no Freeza ga Dai Ni no Henshin "
(Come out and Fight, Goku!! An Angry Freeza's Second Transformation)
67 "Frieza's Second Transformation" 99-9-29

Freeza redoubles his efforts against Piccolo, who then removes his weighted clothing. Freeza decides to transform into his third form, and he becomes still more powerful, finally proving to be too much for Piccolo. Freeza begins attacking with a barrage of rapid-fire energy blasts, leaving Piccolo completely helpless.

You know what I realized about Chris Sabat while listening to this episode? He often sounds quite a bit like Mike Judge. Among other things, it's something about the way they both pronounce the letter "s." And is it just me, or does Piccolo have a really Butthead-esque voice?

In any case, this is a pretty boring episode from an analytical point of view. Just some bad dialogue here and there, and that's about it.

Kuririn: "It ain't over till the fat lady sings!"

Vegeta: "Well, I'd say she just hummed a few bars."

Not only is this, of course, not even close to what is actually said, they're not even talking to each other. Both Kuririn and Vegeta are talking to themselves here, basically commenting on the horror of the situation and how screwed they all are.

Piccolo: "Sticks and stones, Freeza"

Oh, give me a break.

Vegeta: "It's over!"

This follows Piccolo's rapid-fire volley of beams. While the line isn't stupid dialogue in itself, it is in context because it doesn't make any sense here. First, Vegeta knows damn well that such an attack is not enough to destroy Freeza. Second, look at what Vegeta is doing here. He uncovers his eyes, looks up, gets a shocked expression, and says "it's over!" But (as we see in the next shot) he's looking right at the unharmed Freeza! Uh... explain to me how that makes any sense. What do you mean by "it's over" when the truth is right in front of your face? In the Japanese version, Vegeta says "Are o miro" (look over there!), which is just what you'd expect him to say. I honestly don't know why FUNimation does weird nonsensical stuff like this.

Kuririn: "It's times like this that I say to myself: Why didn't I become a shoe salesman?"

This one comes complete with some stupid goofy music, I guess to make the line "funnier." Here, Kuririn is actually worried about "ore no kekkon" (my wedding), and the likelihood that he will never live to see it. FUNimation already changed a similar line in episode 79 (65) and does it a few more times whenever Kuririn's longing for a wife is brought up. This is something that shouldn't have been done since it is an important part of his character. Not only that, but there is a payoff to all of this in Marron, and eventually... um... well, I won't spoil it. In any case, these lines are a way of setting up what is to come later, and I have no idea why what FUNimation has against a character in this show wanting to fall in love.

Freeza: "Ladies and gentlemen, with great honor I present to you the greatest transformation ever witnessed!"

Sounds stupid enough as it is, and its even worse when you realize that there are no "ladies" present.

Freeza: "I may not win any beauty contests, but I'll beat your tail"

OOOOOOOH!!! I'll beat your TAIL!!! OOOOOOOOH!!

Also thought I'd mention that the "uh uh uh uh" problem continues in this episode, and I have no idea why the voice director decided that it was necessary for Piccolo and Freeza to vocalize every single energy blast. They just don't do this in the Japanese version, and it sounds so much better.