83 "Kyoufu Shiro!! Freeza wa San Do no Henshin de Shoubu suru"
(Be Afraid!! Freeza Makes War With a Third Transformation)
68 "Another Transformation?" 99-9-30

Gohan launches an incredible energy blast, one that almost succeeds at stopping Freeza, who decides that the time has come for his third and final transformation. As he changes, Dende heals Piccolo, and Vegeta orders Kuririn to blast him through the chest, knowing that after being healed he will come back much stronger. Dende reluctantly heals Vegeta, and everyone turns to face Freeza in his ultimate form.

Ah, fourth form Freeza at last! I'll tell ya, I hadn't seen any of the Freeza episodes prior to the International Channel airings, and as I watched them, I got really impatient waiting through all of the transformations for Freeza's ultimate form. I honestly think it is the coolest looking character design in the whole series. He is at once sinister, maniacal, even beautiful (and I mean that non-gayly, you witch hunters). I mean, just look at him! You can tell from just one glance into those eyes that he is one BAD mamma jamma.

As for third-form Freeza, we hardly even knew ya, but you were viciously cool as well. Your frighteningly oblong skull may have only graced us for one episode, but it will continue to live in our hearts forever.

Gohan: "Masenko!"

Once again, FUNi manages to write one of the original attack names into the scripts, but does so at the wrong time. In the original, Gohan doesn't even call out "Masenko" here, he just sort of blabbers some unrelated stuff. Ultimately, I'm not really sure whether to be happy about this or not. It's sort of like being given a piece of lemon cake. Should I be grateful that I have cake at all, or should I complain because I'd rather have chocolate, and lemon cake sucks?

I'm sorry, that was a terrible analogy that I never should have written.

Freeza: "I'm sure I eliminated all the Saiyans except for Vegeta, Nappa and Raditz twenty years ago."

Oh so now it's TWENTY years, eh? Ha ha, that's funny FUNi, since in episode one of YOUR dub you foolishly mistranslated one of Raditz' lines, wherein he said that the Saiya-jin had been destroyed THREE years before. Ah, the exquisite pleasure of exposing FUNimation's own willful, and indefensible, continuity errors.

Also, there's another weird bit of dialogue buggery here that's worth mentioning. Notice that Freeza's eyes widen in revelation-like shock at one point. This is when Freeza, in the Japanese version, says "Sou da! Ano chibi wa Saiya-jin!" (That's it! The little one is a Saiya-jin!) In the dub, he says "I'd better keep my eye on that one!" a line that does not match his expression whatsoever. Just like the Vegeta "It's over!" thing (ep 82) FUNimation seems to revel in writing dialogue that doesn't match what's being shown onscreen. In this case, though, it's worse because Freeza's realization that Gohan is a Saiya-jin is a very important one. Freeza never comes to this in the dub, he just seems to kind of "know" it all along. Perhaps someday they'll excercise my loopy right-wing ideals of just TRANSLATING the damned scripts so as to prevent this nonsense from happening.

Vegeta: Tear a strip out of me cuz if we don't we're doomed! (then he says something lame about "that happy healer", and being "toast" or whatever)

I've never even heard the expression "tear a strip out of me," have you? It sounds like a euphemism for something I care not to mention.

Buruma: "Doomed, without any mascara on!"

Just... oh god. Poor Buruma. FUNimation has done very evil things to her. Between that voice and these lines... I don't even know what to say.

Kuririn: "He'd take on Freeza and whip his sorry keester!"

Oh boy. Now they've gone and used "keester," a word that should have been outlawed long ago. I'd even take "rump" over "keester."

And finally...

That part where Nail's voice starts speaking through Piccolo? It doesn't happen in the Japanese version, ever, but FUNimation writes it in that way several times. I guess it's just more dumbening down because they think that people won't understand that when Nameks fuse, they absorb the personality and memories of who they fused with.

Okay, this is kind of confusing, but I'll try to sort it out. After Kuririn blasts Vegeta, there's blood pouring out of his wound in every single shot, all of which is censored. Then in the shot where he's confronting Dende, a big gob of blood hits the ground (not to mention a trail of it where he's been walking), and it's covering his hands. All of this is censored. In a later shot, however, the blood on both his hands and his mouth is NOT censored. But in yet ANOTHER shot, there's a little tiny insignificant strip on his back that IS censored!

It's all very stupid, and I don't really have anything else to say about it but that.