88 "Gekitotsu no ni Dai Super Power! Honki Doushi no Nikudansen!!!"
(Clash of the Two Superpowers! A Serious and Honorable War of Flesh!!!)
73 "Clash of the Super Powers" 99-10-7

Goku, realizing that Freeza cannot sense his ki, fires off two Kamehameha from underwater, which distract Freeza enough to earn Goku a direct kick. The hit doesn't do much good, however, and Freeza traps Goku in an energy bubble, which he then knocks back and forth like a toy. Goku escapes the bubble just as it explodes, and the battle continues.

First of all, sorry about my title translation, I know it sucks. But this one really resists the English language, and I always try to keep my translations as close as possible, so the ultimate result is that it looks a little funny. It was a pain in the ass. I was tempted to just rip off Daimao's, but that would have been naughty.

Anyway, we get a "meanwhile, back on Earth" scene in this episode, which gives us a chance to be "treated" to the Season 3 replacements for some of the minor characters. Chichi is fine, Kame Sennin sucks as bad as he ever did (but not much worse), the new Yajirobe isn't all that different than Brian Drummond's, and then there's Gyuumaou's new voice, which is a nightmare unto itself. I think it gives Season 1 and 2 Karin a run for its money as the worst voice in the entire dub.

This scene is also accompanied by an as yet unheard music cue, which, along with the new voices, had a serious and profoundly negative impact on my will to live. The "Most Horrible Theme Ever," as I like to call it, is nothing less than a truly deplorable mockery of music. If there is any justice in this world, the composer will be punished severely for unleashing this devilry upon innocent children.

Dr. Briefs appears in this episode, which means necessarily that a cigarette does as well. And his ciggy is, as usual, painted over.

Narrator: (Various stupid ass baseball metaphors during the recap: "Freeza came up to bat..." "It's going, it's going, it's...no!" "Up against the fence, it's Goku with a great catch!")

FUNimation's keen sense of humor and panache strikes once again.

Kuririn: "This is nuts!"

Ah. There it is. Good to hear ya again, ol' buddy. Amazingly, dub Kuririn has gone through all of Season 3 up to this point without uttering his little "catch phrase" once, but here it is to bring joy to us all once again.

Freeza: "You're the first one who's ever hurt me, besides my loving parents, that is"

OK, now that one's just... spooky. Is this intended to be some kind of biting social commentary about parental abuse and its effects? A writer venting his pent-up Oedipal rage? Or is it just a crappy line that was not in the original script, and does not belong here? Perhaps all three.

UPDATE! Well, I'll be jiggered. This is what you get when you don't have subtitles, aren't paying close attention, and are scan fast-forwarding through the Japanese version because you're too lazy to check the translation. Thanks to an alert from Spamdini (and some other people, but he was FIRST, so he gets credit), I went back to the tape and checked this line because according to him, this was indeed what Freeza said in the manga. I was a bit skeptical, but sure enough, my ears transmitted the following to my brain: "Boku ni hokori o tsuketa no wa oyai nai de wa kimi hajimete da yo" Switch the order around a bit, and the literal word-for-word is: "You know (da yo), except for my parents (oyai nai de wa), you are the first (kimi hajimete) to have ever put dust on me (boku ni hokori o tsuketa no wa)." So Freeza is indeed saying basically the exact same thing, albeit in an evasive and VERY Japanese fashion. Looks like I owe FUNimation a Coke.

So I guess it was Toriyama's OWN social commentary and/or pent-up Oedipal rage after all. And the only reason I called the line crappy is because I thought it wasn't in the original script. and FUNimation was trying to create more relationships between characters that didn't really exist. It certainly wouldn't be the first time. I STILL think it's a pretty weird line, but that's our wacky Toriyama for ya.

Ahem. But I'm POSITIVE this next one was not in the Japanese version:

Goku: "Hammer time!"

Wonderful! Now they're referencing late 80's rap! That's JUST what Dragon Ball needs! Hopefully they'll have contemporized a bit by Season 4, and if we're lucky we might hear Cell asking the real Slim Shady to please stand up.

Oh FUNimation, YOU are the original kings of comedy.

Ya know that part where Freeza uses "his native language?" Well this is not in the original script in any way, shape, or form. As a matter of fact, this line is nothing but a chuckle in the Japanese version, which kind of explains why Freeza's shoulders are shaking in the animation. I thought the line was a very weird idea on the part of the dub script, but I kind of like it to be honest. It adds a little something to the DB universe.