90 "Hattari ja Nee zo!! Daitan Suteki na Yatsu - Son Goku"
(That Wasn't no Bluff!! The Daring, Cool Guy - Son Goku)
75 "Bold and Fearless" 99-10-11

Freeza boasts that he has come nowhere near his full power, while Goku has been pushing himself to the limit, going as far as using a 10X Kaiou-ken with very little effect. On Earth, Chichi's attempts to get to Namek fail once again. Meanwhile, Ginyu shows up at the battle site in Buruma's body, and Gohan, Kuririn, and Piccolo soon realize that there is something strange about Buruma's behavior.

First, I must explain my title translation. It's not bad grammar on my part, but the first half of the title is unmistakably in Goku-speak, and that's my best attempt at finding an English equivalent for his hick accent.

Anyway, I found this to be a fairly boring episode for some reason... I don't know, maybe it's just me. Buruma does look really cute with Ginyu posessing her, although I can't put my finger on exactly why. Other than that, there's nothing to report but a few blood censors, and a handful of mildly bad lines.

When Freeza elbows Goku in the face, blood comes spurting out, and the blood is censored. Uh, that's what he wipes from his nose. I guess in the dub he's just wiping off some sort of ghost blood that doesn't really exist.

This actually happens again a bit later in the episode. More ghost blood, and more face wiping.

Just after Freeza elbows Goku once again, there is a bit more censored blood. No wiping this time, though.

Freeza: "Oh yes, now I'm stoked"

AAAAAHH!!! YUCK YUCK YUCK!!! EWWW!!! HORRIBLE!!! NOOOOOOO!!!! I feel dirty just for having HEARD that. Freeza talking like a surfer... no.

Freeza: "We could have been so good together"

I'm not sure exactly who in FUNimation decided that the banter between Freeza and Goku would be an excellent forum for thinly-veiled homosexual overtures, but they seemed to have deemed it crucial to the scripts because they have them say stuff like this throughout the battle.

Gyuumaou: "Do I make myself clear?"
Chichi: "But dad, you don't drink beer!"

Uh, yeah. I think this was Chichi not hearing correctly because of all the noise from the ship and whatnot, but...weird. "Beer." I don't think ANYONE in the dubbed version drinks beer.

I guess another thing that I should mention is that Ginyu doesn't do that "girl voice imitation" thing in the Japanese version. He just uses his natural speaking voice. I don't know, I actually thought it was kind of funny how the English version did it. It's even funnier when you realize that FUNimation doesn't seem to understand that a lot of the voices that we're actually supposed to take seriously sound just as ridiculous. Seeing what a farce they've already made of the show with the voices for Kuririn, Freeza, Vegeta, Gyuumaou, Oolong, Kaiou and others, they might as well have just cast this guy to do Buruma permanently.

And finally, I must object to the narrator's use of the term "nitty gritty." That is all.