98 "Katsu no wa Ore da - Iki Nokori o Kaketa Saishuu Kougeki"
(I Will Win - A Suicidal Final Attack)
83 "The Final Attack" 99-10-21

Goku decides to leave Freeza alone to allow him the time to bring himself to full power, so that the tyrant will know that Goku defeated him at the top of his game. Gohan finds Buruma and the fly off toward the ship to leave with Piccolo. Finally, Freeza reaches full power and attacks Goku, and Freeza seems to have gained the upper hand once again.

I'm going to just get through this one quickly. There's not much to say, and I'm not really in the mood to do a comparison today.

Really, not at all.

This was an unspectacular episode, and the only thing truly notable that happened was that it contains perhaps the worst line the dub has ever had Freeza speak. Hmm... well, maybe it IS spectacular then. Or at least noteworthy.

There is a shot where we hear Freeza making a "choking" sound and he draws back in slow motion after being hit by Goku. In the Japanese version, blood is POURING out of his mouth here, and FUNimation did a VERY good job of censoring all of it out. This wasn't your typical, run of the mill "gushing," either. The blood was all over the place, and the censored version looks absolutely convincing.

A bit of this blood is left in, but only that which stays on his face. "Spurting" or "flowing" blood is the problem for Cartoon Network, according to them.

Or is it? Goku spits out a little blood a few seconds later, and it's left as-is.

By the way, the "Freeza coughing up" shot was the thing that I mentioned that they cut out of the previous episode's preview, along with a few other bits that were removed for no good reason I can think of.

Kaiou: "What did the astronaut say to ... the..."

Ah, crap. I don't even remember what the line was. I DO know that all Kaiou got to say was the setup, and we were spared the punchline because Goku cut him off. Basically, this is just the S.D.A. that might have been. It's worth mentioning merely on those grounds, because I KNOW the punchline would have been horrible and made me embarrassed to be alive.

Freeza: "All right big guy. Whatever turns you on!"

Wow. Ho-lee Moley. Remember what I was saying in a previous comparison about the "thinly veiled homosexual overtures?" This one's not even thinly veiled. It's ragingly, flamingly, flamboyantly gay. Well, FUNimation obviously knows their audience. If going to Dragon Ball fan sites, message boards, my e-mail and whatever else has taught me one thing, it's that making a character gay will also make them the ultimate villain in the eyes of a good number of the fans.

In all seriousness, this is a horrible (not to mention shocking) line, and I fully agree with good ol' VegettoEX about it. It just has no place whatsoever in this show.

Dr. Briefs. Cigarette. Digital Paint.

They all combined to do SOMETHING here. Try to guess what that "something" is.