99 "Shenron yo Uchuu o Hashire!! Semaru Namek-sei Shoumetsu no Toki"
(Fly Through Space, Sheng Long!! The Time of Namek's Destruction Approaches)
84 "Approaching Destruction" 99-10-22

Goku gets accustomed to Freeza's new strength, and the balance of power begins to shift in his favor. Gohan and Buruma arrive back at the spaceship, and Buruma immediately prepares to leave. Gohan begs her to wait until his father returns. Meanwhile, Kaiou devises a plan for using the Dragon Balls, which Kami agrees to. He contacts Mr. Popo and tells him to summon Sheng Long, and the dragon comes to life once again.

You know, this is a damned good episode in terms of the dub. Damned good. There wasn't a single line that felt truly stupid, and not only that, but the translation was surprisingly accurate. While Kaiou didn't use that lame "Mother and her children" analogy in the original, the writers did a fantastic job of translating everything about the Dragon Balls and how they work with all of the details intact. I felt sure that they would screw up and forget something that they would deem unimportant (like the "one year limit" thing) but it was all there. And I like the voices for Sheng Long and Mr. Popo.

But Tiffany Vollmer is even more horrible than usual in this episode. I can't stand the way she does Buruma.

The scene where Goku double-kicks Freeza in the face is accompanied by a little gust of blood. You have to look carefully to even see it.

Of course, we see Piccolo's blood splattered all over the deck of the ship a few minutes later, but it's not MOVING blood so that's OK.

I don't get it either.

(10 sec.) The preview is trimmed down a bit, but this time for no discernible reason.