Gallery 1:

Pretty, isn't it?
Episode 1: The very first shot of Dragon Ball Z was not Raditz' pod flying through space, as FUNimation would have you believe. It was actually this lovely, and very striking, image. It's followed by some more tranquil shots of the peaceful Earth, and accompanied with one of my favorite music cues from the original score. Now THIS is the right way to start off a series!

No smoking, please!
Episode 1: "Hey, who took my ciggy??"

Isn't he cute?
Episode 1: Gohan's first appearance in the Japanese version was in this forest scene. The very first shot was of his tail (immediately suggesting to the audience who he must be related to), the second was of the Dragon Ball on top of his hat, and this shot came soon after. A very well directed introduction, certainly much better than FUNimation's.

Mmmm... water!
Episode 2: You know, maybe Kame Sennin is drinking a beer in the US version. Perhaps FUNimation just Americanized the brand. They took away his Sapporo and gave him Coors. I always thought that swill tasted watered down...

Kame being dirty
Episode 2: You know, it's kind of uncanny the way this worked out. Notice the "TV-Y7" in the upper left hand corner. It seems that someone at the International Channel forgot to turn the graphic off (it stayed there for like 5 minutes!), but that's perfect because with the rating and the breast-grabbing happening SIMULTANEOUSLY on the screen, it kind of makes you wonder why the US DBZ (also rated Y7) can't show the very same thing. Hmm, come to think of it, maybe they left it up there on purpose...

Goku making a splash
Episode 2:Baby genitals are OK on commercials, why not here? Umm... not that I'm complaining or anything.