Gallery 2:
The Battle With Raditz, Page 1

Don't ask me!
Episode 3: I hope you're as utterly baffled by this one as I am. They spent who knows how much time and effort and money censoring tears. This one just leaves me utterly lost for an explanation.

Piccolo's red blood
Episode 4: This was handled pretty well, actually. Hey at least they showed SOMETHING! But I have to wonder... does this mean blood itself is the problem, or the redness of it that the censors have trouble with?

They're both screwed!
Episode 5: In the English version, you see the beginning of this shot, the blast actually hitting. But you don't see the really cool part where the back of Goku's gi starts to bulge, and then BOOM!

Goku's little boo-boo
Episode 5: Man, I HATE it when that happens! You're fighting someone, you get shot in the chest with an energy attack, and then you've got this gaping wound that causes you to die! It just sucks!

Major spew action
Episode 5: Well, that's quite a wound Goku has, but there's nothing quite like puking up blood if you really wanna steal the show. Looks like SOMEBODY'S trying to get attention!