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Waiting for judgment
Episode 6: The guys behind Goku in line, getting annoyed that he is taking so long. I'm assuming this was just a cut for time, and it was really quick, but who knows? Maybe FUNimation really wanted to de-emphasize the Heaven-like aspects of "Ano yo" (The Next World).

That maternal instinct
Episode 6: This scene was pretty funny, Chichi doing her typical freaking out about Gohan. After the shark, she imagines him stranded on an island, unsuccessfully trying to get at a banana hanging from a tree.

Now WHY did they cut this?
Episode 7: Kami explaining to Mr. Popo his relationship to Piccolo. A very essential scene that FUNimation decided wasn't necessary.

That's gotta be unnerving
Episode 7: Gohan having some snake problems. I'm more afraid of bugs myself, but I don't think I'd be comfortable having a snake crawling around in my clothes either.

Li'l ghost waiter
Episode 7: Sure this scene didn't NEED to be left in, but how cool! I wish they would show more of Heaven, and this kind of scene really adds something. It's sorta like the Mos Eisley cantina in Star Wars.

The apple tree mystery
Episode 7: "That's too cute! Censor that!" I guess this was FUNimation's thinking here. OK guys, so it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to do this digital paint thing, but FUNimation does it because they "have to in order to make the show suitable for broadcast." Is this proof that they're full of crap, people? How about the "tears" thing (Gallery 2)? There's clearly something else going on.