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More smokin'
Episode 8: This cigarette moves all over the place, it actually flies out of his mouth at one point, and FUNimation "fixed" every cel. Pretty cool, I guess.

Now THAT'S gotta hurt
Episode 8: A bit from that Buruma shooting rampage scene. Lucky for FUNimation, the bruises disappear in the next shot, so they were able to cut this seamlessly.

Kawaii na!
Episode 8: A charming little bit that's really kind of poignant. Gohan does his best to be nice to the chipmunk, but it runs away anyway. He cries about it, I cry for him, it's all very sad.

Tinkle, tinkle
Episode 8: Just thought you all should see this. Sorry that the resolution isn't good enough to see the stream in greater detail, but..... (ny god, what am I saying??)

Full frontal nudity!
Episode 8:Not only did FUNimation add a bush to Gohan's privates, but they added a rock by his right foot so that, as he falls over, it is there to cover his butt.

Gohan's li'l booty
Episode 8: Why do such a large number of the edits in this show involve Gohan urinating or being naked?? I guess it's Toriyama/Nishio that are to blame for him being overexposed to such an extent. Oh well. Then again, when I was a kid I loved being naked, so I suppose it's not so bad.