The Garlic Jr. Saga

The proximity of a giant star called the Makyou-sei has freed Garlic Jr. from inprisonment in the void he created and was sucked into two years before. With a new set of henchmen, and revenge on his mind, he attacks Kami's temple and imprisons both Kami and Mr. Popo. Garlic Jr. then releases a mist that spreads over the Earth, turning every living creature into a blood-sucking demon. Everyone but Gohan, Haiya Dragon, Kuririn and his new girlfriend Maron escape the effects of the mist, and Gohan learns from Garlic Jr.'s henchmen that the only way to bring everything back to normal is to release Kami's Holy Water over the Earth. He and Kuririn set off for Kami's palace.

Meanwhile, Vegeta is in deep space, searching for Goku. The knowledge that his rival has become a Super Saiya-jin is weighing heavily on his pride, and Vegeta is determined to find out how Goku attained this new level of power.

On Earth, Gohan and Kuririn have their hands full not only with Garlic Jr.'s minions, but with Piccolo, who has been posessed as well. This, however, turns out to be a ruse, and Piccolo reveals that he is immune to the mist. His only aim was to get close to the imprisoned Kami and Mr. Popo, who he releases from captivity. The two of them then venture into the inner reaches of the temple in order to spread the Holy Water over the Earth. They are attacked by the spirits of Kamis past, and narrowly escape with their lives. But they manage to succeed in their mission, and the planet awakens from its demonic subjugation.

Gohan, Piccolo and Kuririn have now dispatched each of Garlic Jr.'s henchmen, leaving only the immortal evildoer himself. But the Makyou-sei has reached its apogee, transforming Garlic Jr. into a fearsome and powerful giant.

He recreates the same vortex he used before, wanting the Earthlings to be sucked in to experience the void that imprisoned him. The Makyou-sei is so close now that it is visible in Earth's sky, and Piccolo distracts Garlic Jr. to allow Gohan to destroy it. A monumental blast of energy does just that, and Garlic Jr.'s power fades to nothing. He is sucked into the vortex once again, this time to remain there forever.

Enter the Garlic Jr. Saga
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