December 28th (Sigh) Well, I'm FINALLY back, so much for that "I'll return within a week" stuff. You know, I'm starting to get tired of not working on this site. Yeah, that probably sounds kind of strange to you, but I'm really beginning to get concerned about whether or not I'm even interested in it anymore. I mean look at the last few months, overall I really haven't done jack squat. I've added just a few episodes, a couple opinion essays, and the editorial section hasn't been updated in almost half a year. Most of the time, the updates are minimal at best and consist of me promising to "come back soon" with more stuff. Then I end up stopping in a month later and apologizing for the lack of updates. I hardly ever even answer my e-mail anymore. It's gotten to be my pattern, and well, it kind of sucks. I'm sure you all are pretty much fed up with it by now, too. Sometimes I think back on the good old days, those first few months when I had just opened the site and I updated EVERY WEEK with all kinds of new stuff. Since that time I have slowed down to a near halt, and other sites that have been around for just as long as this one have been plugging away diligently. Well, I'm not really going anywhere with this, just thought I should say something about the problem. I'm not planning on quitting or anything, but I just wish I had a better work ethic with respect to the site.

So anyway, this time I've got something rather interesting for you! It seems that I have succeeded in tracking down yet ANOTHER of the dub seiyuu, and this time it's one of the guys from Season 3! I won't say anymore about it here, but go to the opinions page and click on Mark Britten (under "Powers that Be") for more info on this.

During the past few weeks, I actually found some time to sit down and begin sifting through the huge backlog of opinion essays, and I've come up with a few gems for you, five to be exact. There'll be more of these soon.

Anyway, that's about it for now. I MAY perhaps return this weekend with some more episodes, provided that I have some time and the world ends up being Y2K compliant. I hope that everything works out OK, good luck to you all. Let's pray that this isn't the last DBZ Uncensored update ever.

Whew, this milk is most certainly not Y2K compliant.

Oh, and kitty.... I'm watching you. If you even think about climbing those drapes, I'm going to knock your stinkin' teeth out.

December 12th Yes, yes, it's not a real update. But I have good news, there WILL be a real update soon, and hopefully several more will follow hard upon. Basically, I just stopped in because I felt obligated to stick the ol' Piccolo "happy holidays" message back up, and to say that my life has finally calmed down enough to actually allow me to work on the site. I'm pretty excited about it because it's been so damned long since that has been possible, and I know you guys will be happy about it too.

So anyway, I'll be putting some new stuff up within the next week. Not sure exactly what yet (I've got my work cut out for me, as you might suspect), but in any case, I'll see you soon.

November 7th Well, here I am again. Yeah, I know it's been a long time, and that's basically because life completely sucks ass. Well, life between September and December always seems to suck ass for me, anyway. Those of you who have been visiting for a long time know that I was going through a similarly crappy period around this time last year, and it's happening again. Basically, it all has to do with moving this time. I moved near the end of last month, realized my housemate was a complete asshole that I couldn't live with, and now I have to move again. And moving aint easy in this town, let me tell you. It's a nightmare I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. Then there's all this freaking schoolwork I have to do, which is unbelievable. Oh, I could go on with more crap that's happening, but there's no point in me whining. Just thought I would offer a little in the way of explanation. Long story short, I haven't had the time, movtivation, or the right mindset to work on the site, and I still don't. But people were starting to get anxious and pissed off, which was making me MORE anxious and pissed off than I already am, so I decided I had to update at least somewhat.

That "somewhat" really isn't much, sorry to say, just episodes 73-77. Heh, yeah that sucks, but it's better than nothing, right? Next month is going to be much better update-wise, I promise. But for right now, I'm too busy, stressed, and mentally screwed to even think about the site, let alone work on it. I woke up one morning recently and found that, to my horror, my brain was only allowing me access to three things: my cat's name, my high school locker combination, and the lyrics to the theme song from "Family Matters." Let me tell you, none of those are all that useful, and as you can see, I'm kind of messed up psychologically at the moment. Until everything is straightened out (probably a few weeks), GET A LIFE, PEOPLE! This stupid site should NOT be as important as some of you are making it out to be! I appreciate your support, but I'm just one guy, this is my hobby, and there's only so much I can do. The web is a big place! Go find something else that's exciting and interesting. I'll be back in the saddle one of these days, just not right now.

September 27th Finally... the CHRIS has come BACK to DBZ Uncensored!!!

If any more time had gone by, I would have had to take the next person's "update the site!" message....

crumple it up real tight...

turn that sumbitch sideways......


Man, you people REALLY know how to pester a guy! Oh well, that's OK I guess. I can understand that you'd be anxious to see some new episode comparisons, especially since it's been over a year since the last ones. But come on! I said one or two weeks, and today is exactly two weeks! So I'm not late.

Anyway, there are a total of 6 up now, pretty meaty ones too. And here I was worrying that I'd have nothing to say! Heh, there's plenty, believe me. The new ones start with Episode 67 on the Freeza Saga menu page. And speaking of that page, I've updated the "Third Season in Review" part with a few bits you may not know. In addition, the Episode Conversion page has been updated, and so has the Introduction section under "The Series," with some info on how the Season 3 episode comparisons will be handled.

As for when I'll be back, I can't say. This next month is going to be obscenely busy for me. I start at a new school tomorrow (I'm a University student now, yay!), I received a 30 day notice from my landlord on the 23rd (bastard sold the house!) which means I'll be hunting for a place to live in one of the most competitive areas in the world, I have two (count 'em!) two part time jobs, and who knows what else will come up. I am well aware that there are many sections of the site that are in absolutely dire need of updating, but they're just going to have to remain neglected for the time being. I have well over 50 opinion essays to sift through, almost that many link requests, a crapload of additions and corrections to make, gobs of e-mail to answer, and I haven't put up a new editorial in almost four months. Not only that, but I'm already a week behind in the episode analyses. I know I've got my work cut out for me, but the site just can't be as much of a priority as I'd like it to be. Please try to understand that I have a life, but I will do everything I can to keep the site at least semi-regularly updated. As a matter of fact, I declined to go to a party last night so that I could use this last "free" weekend to work on the site... A party with GIRLS, dammit! Now you see how much this thing owns me. I am its bitch. The site tells me to jump, I say "how high?"

Anyway, that's about it for now. But before I go, I must point you all to something that EVERYONE needs to see. Steve Harmon of The Vault has posted what I think is one of the most riveting interviews I've ever read. Gen Fukunaga (no joke!) himself agreed to talk to him, and what was said is... well.... you're not going to believe it! In fact, go there first. Then you can come back to my insignificant little hole and see what I've got to offer. Believe me, this interview is a classic, and much better than the ones I've done. I plan to do a commentary on it in the future (heh, when will THAT be??), but for now, I'll sign off.

See you soon!

September 13th Well, there it is. You probably noticed it pop up, gasped in horror, then minimized it as quickly as possible, frantically whispering to yourself "No. I didn't just see that." Well, guess what. You did. "Dbz Uncensored" has been reduced to being hosted on (shudder) Tripod, complete with that famous, unshakable, and ever present pop-up banner ad. It appears that my boss' server didn't offer unlimited traffic after all (see the August 15 update for an explanation of the whole situation), and I was forced to remove it. I looked into several alternatives, including a "promise" from someone (who shall remain unidentified) that they would host my site, but alas, none of it quite worked out, and so I had to go with my last resort: good ol' Tripod.

But hey! At least I'm back, right? I REALLY didn't like having my site down for two weeks, but at least everything is straightened out now. And to be honest, I shouldn't be complaining about the big T, free web space in exchange for a pop-up really is a pretty good deal. I just hate having to inconvenience all of you with it, I know how annoying those things are. Still, I believe that this is the lesser of several of the "free web space" evils: Xoom, Enthralling, and Geocities are all much more intrusive, and Crosswinds, while banner-free, is just too damned slow. So here I am. As before, the main page is still at the same URL, so there's no need to change links/bookmarks on that, but everything else has moved. At some point in the next few months, I hope to move the site to its new, PERMANENT home, but until that "someone" I mentioned above gets their act together, this will have to do.

Alrighty then, let's move on. Apparently, you all enjoyed the Ian Corlett interview, which I'm actually a lot more happy with now than when I first put it up. That has a lot to do with your positive feedback, so thanks a lot for the encouragement, everybody. Oh, and an interesting tidbit: within a week of putting the interview up, I received a bogus letter from "Brian Drummond" (Vegeta's NA voice) and (heh) "Jim Hardy, FUNimation employee" each ever so graciously offering me an interview. Both letters were painfully obvious as the work of fanboys, and I saw through them immediately. but I was amused at the attempts nonetheless. And to any other would-be impostors: Conventional wisdom states that on the Internet you can pretend to be anyone and successfully fool people. But I know how to look for signs of authenticity, and it will take a VERY clever ruse to pull the wool over my eyes; I'm not going to fall for anyone's ridiculous bull-poo, m'kay?

In case you have been in a vegetative stupor for the past month, you know that the new episodes started today, and anyone who didn't buy the videos out of morbid curiosity has now experienced the horror for themselves. But with the new episodes comes something you can actually look forward to! After over a year in hibernation... my famous episode comparisons will soon be making their triumphant return! Ah yes... this time last year I doubted that the day would ever come, and it finally has. I've begun preparing them already, and you can expect the first batch sometime within the next week or two. See you then, and welcome back everyone!


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