I just became obsessed with DBZ about a month ago. I've only seen the dub so far, but I can't WAIT to see some subs cause frankly, the dub is making me kinda sick. I'm finding out more and more info about Dragonball/Z/GT storylines everyday. (Some of my opinions change almost daily.)

My friend came home from college for winter vacation and after watching some subbed episodes of "Vision of Escaflowne" that she let me borrow, it made me remember what REAL anime is like (the wonderful music, the fight scenes, etc.) I bought "The Tree of Might" the other day at the mall and I thought it was pretty good. I was exstatic over the fact that they kept the Japanese theme songs because I don't have any DBZ soundtracks or anything yet. (I'm an 80's music fan which is pretty much required if you're an anime fan.) Then I read the contrasts and comparisons on the movie page and I was surprised that they had shown this movie on tv. I was even more surprised when I read about the differnces. I guess I'm not too concerned at the moment with what they do with the dub, but I'm sure it'll hit me soon enough. I'll probably go through the same stages with DBZ as I did with Sailor Moon: watch as much of the original as I can, then worry about wanting the dubs to be corrected. (I figure the second stage will hit me by this coming spring if not sooner.)

My thoughts on FUNimation's wack at dubbing the series

Well, from what I've read at DBZ Uncensored, they certainly gave a pretty sorry wack at it. Somebody ought to give them a good wack for doing it. But I know that ultimately, it's not their fault. We all know who to blame for such butchering. I, like many friends of mine, wish I could live in another country--almost any country--for a while just to escape American society and it's propensities to shroud violence and other normal instincts in secrecy from American children. I could go on forever on this subject. If you want to hear more, email me.

About the voice actors-- I could really care less about voices, I concentrate more on plot. I think a few voices fit. I also think a few don't. I really don't know too much to be either way. Vegeta's voice is what made me fall in love with DBZ though. I think Goku's Japanese voice is just way too high (I've heard sound clips of many of the characters). Like I said, I'm more concerned with plots.

Plots-- Oh my, what a tradgedy! I'll tell you right now I'm glad I found DBZ Uncensored cause if I hadn't, boy would it have been a shame. After reading only the alterations of Episode 1 of DBZ, I decided that I need *desperately* to get the subs. I've always been a plot fanatic and I can find plot holes with the greatest of ease so it saves me a lot of grief if I can watch the original Japanese cause at least it'll have less plot holes than NA dubs.

Portrayal-- I abhor the fact that when American companies dub anime they make it a kid's show. My friend's parents think that she's a freak because she collects Sailor Moon merchandise. My parents are fine with whatever I get into, but I don't like the fact that her parents don't want her to watch Sailor Moon because "it's a kid's show." (BTW, she's 18. Of course they can't do anything about it now cause she's in college, but think about her high school years.)

I wish there was some way that all American DBZ fans without cable or Internet access could experience true DBZ. I wish the same thing for Sailor Moon. I wish for a lot of things. I guess I ought to mention that's it 2am and I feel like I'm not saying everything I could be saying. You might expect another rant from me in the future (possibly after I've seen some original DBZ.)

- Erin Rogers