First of all I'd like to say that this American culture is so F***** up its almost sad, if there's ONE violent thing on TV hundreds of parent groups rush to the phones and call the networks and they tell other parents and they tell other parents and so on and so on.

This is how anime gets ruined. Kids ARE NOT going to be traumatized if they see some blood or hear the words "kill" or "die". Hell, my mother lets my 2 year old, I repeat "TWO YEARS OLD," watch DragonballZ, Even UNCUT movies and she has no problem like this.

If only parents wouldn't take the time to sit with their kids and explain this then a lot of this horrible cutting wouldn't happen. And some of these cuts and censors are just plain stupid i.e. "HELL" being changed to HFIL. OK. First of all i've HEARD them say Hell on CN. On the show "The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest" After Race woke up from being knocked the freak out by a bull I think it went something like this:

Race: UGH, I feel like i've been to HELL and back.
Hadji: Based of what just happen you could say you have.

If they can SAY it in Johnny quest how come it cant even be WRITTEN in DBZ? Also, if my 2 year old sister know people die then there's no need to even TRY to think of something to replace that word, eh? :)

And here's something that really doesn't have anything to do with anything but. umm, If there's no song subtitles turn on your closed captions (if you have them.) It might be a little inconvenient but they're there. :)

- Blaise 'ssvegeta' Frazier