I started watching DBZ about a year ago, and sorry to say, it was on Cartoon Network. At first I'd be flipping through the channels and catch a glimpse of it. One day I decided to stop and watch it. I still had no idea what the show was about, but I did remember seeing Dragon Ball at some weird time like 6AM. After the first time watching it I was hooked...on the US version! After about a month of watching and thinking that this was the real version of DBZ, I went on the internet and relized how stupid I was.

Once I read the plot summury of the entire series I started searching for more. Then something wery weird happened, I saw Goku with golden hair. One day my friend Nat came over, it turns out he was a really big fan of the Japanese anime. He explained what was going on and it finaly hit me, FUNimation SUCKS! I kept watching the show on Cartoon Network, but would search the Internet for hours looking for a place to buy the Japanese episodes. I finally found a fansubber and bought some episodes. I was so excited when they arrived. The first episodes I watched were the ones where Trunks shows up. I was amazed at how much detail they put into the fight scenes to build atmosphere, the music, the dialogue, the speed and detail of the art. All of this made me fall in love with the show all over again.

At the moment Nat and I are collecting the entire series, we already have all of the movies and a bunch of episodes. It's going to be a lot easier now that the episodes that FUNimation release on video tape are completely unedited. The only thing they are changing is the language it's in. They say that they're even leaving the original music in. The first of the tapes (which when all are released will span 50 episodes) is being released April 15th. To bad they still have to edit it for TV.

Maybe they just got a little bit of coolness, but they still have a lot to make up for. Until then, FUNimation will suck.


- Matt U.