Ok, I'm one of those poor unforunate souls who was introduced to DBZ (anime period, actually) through FUNimation's dub and I have yet to see it in its pure form. My cable company doesn't have the IC : (

Ok, so on with it. What I would like to discuss is the censoring of blood in DBZ. First of all, I think the blood isn't just something good to look at but I think it is essential. Without blood, you really can't tell how bad a character is hurt and blood adds a little more drama to the fight. Without blood you might wonder why a character died when he did because the blow doesn't look that damaging at all. Such as the scene where Vegeta delivers the defeating blow to Zarbon. Well, first of all you can't really see what actually happens (because of that clever reverse-frame trick) and there's no blood so it doesn't look too damaging.

Well, enough of that. Secondly, I have seen blood frequently on cartoons that are actually made for children (as DBZ isn't really, its made for anyone!). Anyone watch the Powerpuff Girls on Cartoon Network? I do often (it's not close to anime but its getting somewhere!) and watch the opening. What is that I see coming out of "his" mouth("him" is what the character is referred t as)? Could it be.......BLOOD? YES! ON AN AMERICAN CARTOON!?! And fighting at least somewhat similar to DBZ (not very similar at all). WOW! Getting somewhere at least. So, what I'm saying is that if blood can be shown on this very childishly drawn cartoon, why can't it be shown on a masterpiece such as DBZ? WE WANT DBZ IN IT'S GREAT FORM, NOW AND FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

- Chris Monticello