This essay will be like a dump of every thought in my head that has to do with DragonBall Z. NO NO Don't click me away!!!! I promise it will be as short and interesting as possible, and hopefully by reading this, you may open your eyes to new facts and maybe even share some of my opinions. Too much to hope for you say? Maybe, but read this essay anyways. I guarantee that it will be great one if I may say so myself.

My Opinion on: Overall Quality of the Funimation Dub
Short Answer:
I think that all things considered, Funimation has done a great job on dubbing DBZ
Long Answer:
If you are one of the lucky people, you have either seen the Original Japanese DBZ, or the Spanish Dub. (As far as I know, the Spanish Dub is COMPLETELY uncut and uncensored, meaning it does have the original music, except for the voices of course.) If you have seen the originals, you know and have to admit that Funimation has done a great job on the voice-overs, the sound-effects, the comedy lines, and making the picture look better. Look at it this way, if you have seen the original Japanese, and you dont know Japanese, then it is very hard to understand the lines and emotional effects of the lines in the episodes. In that case, you should appreciate the awesome jobs that the voice-over actors that Funimation hired to play the parts in the Funimation version. The awesome voices combined with phenomenal sound effects that in my opinion, are better that ANY other cartoons sound effects, make for awesome fight scenes! (My Favorites are: Worlds Strongest, the Goku Kamehameha vs. the Vegeta Galic-Gun (Or whatever name Funimation gave it), and where Gohan kicks Raditz' butt) What I am trying to say is, if you look at what Funimation has actually done WELL, then it makes up for just about all they have done wrong. Side Note: Most people do not get the I-channed, BUT, I am willing to bet that most Mexican oriented cities, like San Antonio, have WSCV, which shows the original DBZ, but with Spanish voice overs. Believe me, if you ever hear these voice overs, you will truly appreciate the acting of the Funimation voice-overs.

My Opinion on: DBZ as a Religion?
Short Answer:
DBZ Fanatics are to be expected, but some people can get carried away.
Long Answer:
Let me start by showing how people can let their lives get carried away with DBZ. I got this post from and I fully credit them for it.

"I have another story about a dumb kid who thinks he's in DBZ or someting. Two kids got in a fight in my school, it was a geeky kid and a jock. Well anyway, after geting his ass kicked pritty bad, the geek got up and screemed "KAIO-KEN!" at the top of his lung, after that the geek landed about 3 good punches, and he ended up winning the fight. I've never seen anything so stupid in my life."

You are probably saying, "This person is a wacko", or something similar. I agree, but once I sat down and thought about it for awhile, that fact that the DBZ enthusiast won makes a little sense. I am not, by ANY means encouraging you to try to Kaio-ken the bullies at your school and get yourself beat up, just listen to this and it will make sense. The fact that this person screamed an attack from DBZ did not help him win, but that fact that he screamed at all was part of the victory. Scientific studies have proven that screaming and yelling can dramatically raise the level of adrenaline in your blood stream, meaning that you get a burst of stamina and strength (to some extent that iS. It isnt going to make you superman or anything), plus, if you do it right, you might just intimidate the other person enough for the extra adrenaline to help you win. Once again, I am not saying you should do what this person did, but a little "powering up" doesnt hurt your fighting abilities ;) Just make sure you dont embarass yourself to the point where it doesnt matter if you win or not.

- Richard G. Prieto
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