Just gotta say I agree with almost everything on this site! Funimation has gone off the deep end and is going to get sucked in by the undertoe if they aren't careful. A couple of things I have to get out of the way before I praise this page and others like it. I don't think that the intro to the english DBZ is that bad, I mean take for instance the Sailor Moon intro. Fighting evil by moonlight winning love by daylight with the sailor scouts to help fight she is the one named sailor moon, then you have sailor roll call and it starts all over again. Plus it is all in little kindergartener voices too! >:p Bleah! Along with Krillin's (Kuririn) and Vegeta's and a few others, the voice acting isn't too bad either, not saying that you aren't entitled to your own opinion or anything its just, I think Vegeta's voice fits his princely egotistical personality quite well. I have to say, however, it was just a tad bit annoying at the beginning of the series.

Now on to the praise and adoration of myself and my sister who is another otaku like I am. I can't count the times that I have said "that was dubbed really bad," "God could they make it any worse than that?" It really gets to me, and I was so happy on that monumental night when I surfed onto this site. I hope that animators everywhere are reading and taking to heart all of the information on this site! Now I have the mind and resources to tell everyone about the crimes FUNimation has done in front of the eyes of loyal anime viewers and teenagers who like to see blood and a little gore in cartoons now a days, instead of pink bunnies, sparkles, squirrels, purple dinos, and really bad british cartoons with bad costumes and really stupid dialogue (the tellitubbies know what snow is, do you know what snow is? they do) makes me SICK@!

People here take our cinema too seriously. In Japan, children know what is real and make believe. They learn that at a very young age. Here in the good old U S of A we watch movies that take us back to the time of (some of these movies i just despise too!) TITANIC, STAR TREK, and Ernest goes FISHING! Oh agony! A G O N Y!

Plus our parents don't even watch TV with their teenagers and even some of their younger children anyway!

God, I wish that they would just leave things alone, in other words, let sleeping dragons lie.

Your friendly neighborhood Otaku,

- "Jupiter Dragon"