"Shijou Saikyo no Senshi wa Goku no Ani Datta!"
(History's Strongest Warrior is Goku's Brother!)
"The Arrival of Raditz" 96-9-13

Raditz comes to the Kame house and encounters Goku for the first time. Goku learns of his Saiya-jin origins, and Raditz abducts Gohan.

The funny thing about this episode is that if you watch the English version, it almost seems like nothing has been cut. The episode lost over 5 minutes of content, but rather than cutting entire scenes at a time, it's all just those little snippets that I talked about in the Introduction. I must say, FUNimation did a VERY good job of editing the first two episodes into one, basically by doing very careful editing, and cutting out anything that wasn't absolutely essential to the plot.

I counted 4 uses of the word "kill" or "die" in this episode. Ah, the good old days, before "other dimensions"...

English Episode 1 Continued...

The amber-colored liquid in Kame-Sennin's mug has been painted blue. This is the infamous "frothy mugs of water" shot.

A picture from this scene is available in Gallery 1

(12 sec.) Kame Sennin touches Buruma's right breast, (to see if it has grown since he last saw her, of course!) and she konks him on the head. Even though it's only 12 seconds, I wanted to make a note of this cut, as it was most definetely removed for reasons besides running time.

A picture from this scene is available in Gallery 1

(15 sec.) Raditz lands on the island, and he and Goku size each other up. I wanted to make a note of this cut because it is very interesting to see how, in only fifteen seconds, real suspense and mystery is created by Goku and Raditz silently looking at each other, and how all the tension of their initial meeting is taken out in the English version, where Raditz simply starts talking the second he lands.

During the flashback, In the shot of Goku in the pod, he has been given a pair of white digital underwear.

Still the flashback scene: Goku's genitals have been covered by an added splash from the bathtub water.

A picture from this scene is available in Gallery 1

(5 sec.) A short scene showing a Saiyan were-ape at the full moon. This is interesting because, this shot wasn't actually cut from the English version, it was shrunken down and superimposed in the upper right hand corner of the screen while Raditz is talking. An effective time-saving technique, I must admit.

End English Episode 1

(1 min. 4 sec.) Raditz' threats, and Gohan's whining, continue for a little longer, then the episode ends.