"Yatta! Kore Ga Chijou Saikyo no Combi da!"
(Let's do it! This is the Strongest Team on Earth!)
"The World's Strongest Team" 96-9-20

Piccolo shows up, and he and Goku realize that they have no choice but to team up to fight the intruder. Meanwhile, Raditz throws Gohan into his space pod, and the boy is unable to escape. Our heroes catch up to Raditz, and the face-off begins.

This is another example of FUNimation's very impressive editing skills. There is only one major cut here, less than two minutes. But just by snipping little bits here and there, minutes were removed, and it still seems like nothing's missing.

I counted six uses (or variations on) the words "kill" and "die" in this one. I remember watching these first few episodes when they first aired in English, and taking those beautiful words for granted. Oh, if only I had known about this "other dimension" crap that I would have to face for the rest of the series. From what I hear, FUNimation has actually gone back and redubbed the dialogue to get rid of those naughty words. Whenever they are rerun, these "sanitized" versions will be the ones that air. So I guess that makes the original dub a collectors item, eh? Even the censored DBZ has been censored!

Begin English Episode 2...

This is without a doubt the single most mysterious censored shot in the whole series so far. In the original version, Raditz holds Gohan up, and there is a stream of tears coming from Gohan's eyes. In the English version, for reasons I will probably never understand, the tears have been painted away.

No, I am not seeing things, no I am not making this up. They actually painted over his tears.

This is especially strange since Gohan cries just like this several times later in the episode, and the tears are unaltered. But hey, with the insane, totally illogical mind of whoever is deciding what gets censored, who knows?

Don't believe me? See it for yourself! A picture from this scene is available in Gallery 2

(1 min. 42 sec.) After Raditz' initial attack, he stands proudly and defiantly, and Goku and Piccolo realize just who they're up against. This scene isn't really anything but some drawn out close-ups, and was pretty expendable.

English Episode 2 Continues...