"Piccolo no Kirifuda! Gohan wa Nakimushi-kun"
(Piccolo's Trump Card! Gohan is a Crybaby)
"The World's Strongest Team" and
"Gohan's Hidden Powers"

The fight with Raditz begins, and our heroes quickly find that they have truly met their match. Piccolo loses an arm in the battle, and in desperation, he tries out a new technique, the Makanpossappo. Unfortunately, it only suceeds in damaging Raditz' armor. Gohan senses that his father is in danger, and bursts forth from Raditz' pod.

This episode went pretty much untouched, except for one rather important censored shot, a few quick sequences that were shifted around a bit, and the usual snips here and there (but surprisingly few). The words kill/die, etc. were said 3 times.

English episode 2 continued, English episode 3 begins about 4 and a half minutes in.

This isn't as much a note about what has been altered here, as it is about what hasn't. At one point, there is something rather interesting on Goku's face. BLOOD! He wipes it off promptly, but, hey, it's still there for a few seconds. Guess the censors weren't being so scrutinous at this point.

The blood coming from what's left of Piccolo's arm has been painted green. It's red in the original version. Plus, the initial shot that shows the blood on the ground is about 5 seconds shorter in the English version. WHAT THE HELL DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE WHAT COLOR THE BLOOD IS?? IT'S STILL BLOOD!!

A picture from this scene is available in Gallery 2

(6 sec) When Raditz is pinning Goku down, he's just a touch more brutal in the original. He crushes Goku's chest three times, breaking a rib with each step. Apparently, it's not OK to HEAR bones being broken, but it's OK to mention the fact that they are, since Goku says "Piccolo, my ribs are broken!" in the next episode.

English episode 3 continues...

98% (!)