"Tsuki no Kagayaku Yoru ni Daihenshin! Gohan Power no Himitsu"
(The Great Tramsformation on a Moonlit Night! The Secret of Gohan's Power)
"Gohan's Metamorphosis" 96-10-11

Gohan awakens in the middle of the night, and looks up to see a glowing full moon. His Saiyan blood takes over, and he transforms into a giant ape. Piccolo is almost killed by the monster, and, in order to stop it, is forced to destroy the moon with an energy blast.

A VERY standard episode, nothing spectacular to report. A couple minor censors, but no major losses.

English episode 5 continued

When Chichi is driving with her dad, he has a cigarette hanging out of his mouth that has been painted over. It flies out pretty quick when she starts yelling at him, so it was just a few seconds. This cigarette censoring thing really cracks me up. There have been THREE of these so far in the dub.

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(24 sec.) English version: Buruma fixes the scouter, then stands up, turns around and says "Hey guys, hop to! I got this thing working!" (insert cut scene here) Kame Sennin and Kuririn are standing by the couch. Kame Sennin: "Hop who?"

Cut Scene: Kame Sennin and Kuririn are sleeping on the couch. They don't respond, so Buruma pulls out a machine gun and starts blasting away at them. Luckily, these guys aren't quite... human, so it just wakes them up, REALLY wakes them up, rather than kills them. They've got bruises all over and Buruma tells them to pay attention to her when she's talking. She tosses off the robe she is wearing over her clothes, and then tells the boys to stand there so she can test the scouter. Kame Sennin and Kuririn, the bruises already gone, are standing by the couch... etc.

This edit sneaks by so seamlessly that you would never guess anything was cut. Luckily, the bruises from the gunshots disappear instantly, so FUNimation was able to cut the scene perfectly without any discrepancy. One thing though. The shot that shows Buruma tossing off her robe is edited, so she's wearing it in one shot, and it has disappeared in the next.

As far as the cut itself, FUNimation doesn't seem to have a problem with guns appearing in the show, it is only when they are fired at one of the Dragon Ball guys and they walk away unscathed that the problem arises. Two scenes like this have been cut so far. It is assumed of course, that American children are stupid, and will shoot their brothers and sisters thinking that they are invincible as well.

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(1 min. 21 sec.) A squirrel comes along and tries to steal Gohan's apple core. It sees him, however, and hides under a rock. Gohan tries to give the core to him, but the squirrel ends up running away, and Gohan cries about losing his only potential friend.

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(20 sec.) Yet another scene of Gohan taking a wizz. This is right before he turns around to look up to see the full moon, and the English version cuts back just in time to show the last fraction of a second of him pulling his pants back up.

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When Gohan is de-transforming after going Oozaru, a FUNimation-added shrub covers his privates.

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End English episode 5