"Kyouryuu 'Survival'! Gohan no Tsurai Shugyou"
(Dinosaur Survival! Gohan's Difficult Training)
"Gohan's Metamorphosis" 96-10-11

Piccolo wakes Gohan, who up to this point has been unconscious. He tells the boy that he is going to leave him alone in the wild as a test to see if he is worthy of training. Life in the wild proves to be quite hazardous, and Gohan gets himself stuck on top of a hill while trying to escape a hungry dinosaur.

There was a very important plot point cut from this episode, a scene that really needed to be left in. Also, this episode marks the historic debut of the dreaded "another dimension."

Begin English episode 5

(4 min. 43 sec.) Two long scenes cut here, the first very important, and the second fairly expendable. In the first, Kami and Mr. Popo discuss the present situation, and Kami worries about the Saiya-jin who are coming. He realizes that if Piccolo dies in the battle, he will as well, because he and Piccolo are linked spiritually. The link is so powerful that it manifests itself physically, and neither being can live without the other. This REALLY needed to be explained in the English version, because, without this scene, the viewers are left wondering why both Kami and Piccolo die when Nappa kills Piccolo, and what exactly their relationship is. The Kami/Piccolo link is not explained again until much later.

The second scene shows Gohan, finding himself truly alone for the first time. His overshirt blows away, and, in trying to retrieve it, he comes across a gigantic python. Kind of a cool scene, but not essential.

Pictures from both of these scenes are available in Gallery 4

(10 sec.) Gohan is taking a leak on a rock as a dinosaur sneaks up behind him. If you have the English version of this episode, watch carefully. It cuts in right as he is turning around to face the dinosaur. See where his hands are? Also, notice that the rock he was peeing on is discolored a bit. I'm surprised they didn't censor it to "hide the evidence." We can't acknowledge the fact that people urinate, can we??

Ugh. Here it is folks. Kuririn: "...Goku's trapped in another dimension..." The first, but certainly not the last, time that those awful words were said.

(1 min. 28 sec.) Kuririn goes in to have dinner with Chichi and Gyuumaou and is stumbling over his words, trying to find a way to tell them the truth. I liked this scene, it's pretty funny to see him in the hot seat like that.

(1 min. 33 sec.) Oh, you guys. You missed OUT! This scene is so friggin' COOL! Up in Heaven, there is a bar where a bunch of dead people are hanging out. There's some lady with three eyes playing cards, Frankenstein is at a table having his order taken by a little ghost, and there are bunch of mummies and other wierd looking monsters all over the place. Also, Kame Sennin's sister Uranai Baba is up there too, talking to one of the blue Heaven guys about what's going on. This scene is totally useless, but who cares? It kicks ass!

A picture from this scene is available in Gallery 4

There were a few snippets here and there when Piccolo tosses Gohan the apples. When Gohan is wondering where they came from, a little apple tree appears above his head in a visible thought bubble. It's kind of cute, I have NO idea why they cut this in the English version. They have him say "I don't see any trees..." instead. Maybe trees are violent or sexual or something, I don't know.

Also when Gohan eats the apples, there is a short cut that shows him complaining about how bad they taste, and how he'd rather be eating his mother's cooking. In the English version he just says "that's better" and lays down to sleep.

A picture from this scene is available in Gallery 4

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